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Red Finch

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she must
accept that she is too old to shop at SUPRÉ. In fact, with maturation, there comes a
dawning of realisation that SUPRÉ was never a good place to shop.

Who knew cheap clothes made of synthetic fabrics weren’t
investment pieces?

So if you’re not
going to buy a cheap, badly cut bodycon dress to squeeze into for the next
spring wedding, where exactly are you going to buy a frock?

Of course, there are a thousand high street fashion outlets
that are making lovely, affordable pieces. But the older I get, the more my
heart seems to call out, “Alannah!
Collette! Sass! And also Bide!”

I own a Collette Dinnigan dress. Just the one. I got it on
mega sale. But mostly, I can’t afford to quiet the designer yearning of my heart. I
couldn’t before kids and I definitely can’t post-kids. Especially given the fact
that special occasion frocks only enjoy a night out of the wardrobe a couple of
times at most, who can afford to drop hundreds of bucks on one? And then
accessorise them?

That is where the genius of Red Finch Boutique comes in.

Some months ago, I was invited to a blogging event at Red
Finch in Eltham. It had to do with a designer fashion parade and something called
consignment but really, I agreed to go because it was in a suburb that was in
my ‘hood and also, there was talk of canapés. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned
this before but I love canapés. Big fan. Huge.
 And there was to be wine. Invitation

So off I went this cold and rainy Friday night, a bit of
slap on my face, a slight heel on my boot and looking forward to eating my bodyweight
in delicious bite-sized morsels. What I got was so much more.

I was immediately seduced by the warm cocoon of the boutique, and
browsed through the racks and racks of floaty evening confections as I sipped
on a glass of cheeky sav blanc. I paused occasionally to throw back a canapé.
In fact, I paused rather frequently for this purpose but that’s neither here
nor there.

Red Finch is a treasure-trove of gently loved or never worn
top label fashion. This is no stinky op-shop but you can secure yourself a bargain. The racks are stocked with beautiful
clothing on consignment. But what does that even mean? It means you have a
beautiful designer piece sitting in your wardrobe that you don’t expect to wear
again but are loathe to sell on eBay for $7.50 so you take it down to Red Finch
who places it in their gorgeous store and if it sells, you split the profits.

It also means that if you're searching for a new frock for the races/a wedding/ just because dammit, then you can potentially save HEAPS on a practically if not actually brand new outfit.   

It’s a nifty idea on so many levels. Designer duds deserve
more than to be left at the mercy of a fickle eBay auction. And it’s nice to
try a frock on before buying it which is why the little boutique in Eltham is
so lovely. But for those who live interstate or just too far over the other
side of the Yarra, the online store also offers a selection of the best pieces –
if you know your size in a particular label, you might just snap up a bargain
to be whizzed to you in the post.

After my gorgeous night out all those months ago, I popped
back into the store last week to see what was currently in stock. I walked out
with a new pair of jeans and a pretty little blouse. There were many, many
frocks I loved but alas, I fear I would only be wearing them as far as the
mailbox and back. I suppose I could wear Dinnigan to school pick-ups but I want the other
parents to, you know, like me.

Here are some of my favourite pieces instore right now:

RF Paradisco

RF Gypsy

RF Colcci

RF Indigo

RF Seed

RF Blessed
Hmmm, I was obviously vibing blues that day. Be assured Red Finch stock garments of other colour palettes, too! Also, in real life, these clothes are in focus. Geez.


They also carry brand new, non-consignment  pieces, too, including these Spencer and
Rutherford Glamour Totes (RRP $109). And I have four to give away!

To Enter:

  1. ‘Like’ the Red Finch Boutique Facebook page
  2. Leave a comment below (on the blog) telling me
    about your most treasured piece of clothing. Why do you love it?


  • Entries will close midnight AEDST Tuesday 5th November 2013.
  • Winners announced on Wednesday 6th November
  • The four (4) winners will be chosen by The Little Mumma and
    staff at Red Finch.
  • This is a game of skill. The judges will choose
    their favourite responses.
  • Entries open to Australian residents only.
  • Winners must make contact via email within three
    (3) days or a new winner will be chosen.
  • Each bag is unique which means a specific style can not be requested. The fabric/colour will be selected randomly for each winner.  
  • Good luck!


It is true Red Finch Boutique plied me with food and alcohol and gave me a tote bag full of goodies at their event but my opinions are my own. No other payment was received  but I am open to offers of shoes. I do love shoes…. 

Hello friends


I’m Angie!  I mum. I write. I wife. My husband would say this is the correct order.  He’s so neeeedy. I live with my family in Melbourne, Australia, where I complain about the weather for 90% of the year – but I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Except maybe in Lake Como, waving to my neighbours George and Amal each morning.

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  1. Neatsiep

    My most treasured item in my wardrobe currently is a black stretch knit skirt from Jacqui-E. I love it because of its versatility – it can be dressed up with heels, down with flats and be worn with boots for warmth in the cooler weather. I added it to my wardrobe when returning to some casual teaching work, as I didn’t feel my stay at home mum wardrobe of trackies and hoodies quite made the cut! The best thing about my skirt was the I got it for next to nothing during a buy 2 get 1 item free promotion! My sister bought 2 things and I got the free skirt! lol

  2. Narelle

    Amazing Collette Dinnigan 3piece rose coloured silky number! Sadly only worn once, as it now only fits when I leave it unzipped and gaze at my reflection sans specs. But the memories and photos of the day I wore it, and the feeling I get when I surreptitiously stroke it in the wardrobe….so worth it 🙂

  3. Tanya

    My most treasured piece of clothing is (corn alert) my wedding dress. It is a gorgeous Moss and Spy lace creation I bought online that I tell myself will be able to be worn to a ball one day. When and where this fictional ball will occur I have no idea as I live on a farm in the butt-hole of nowhere. After 5 years I occasionally take it out of the cupboard and put it on because I just love it so damn much!

  4. sare

    My most treasured item, is a nightie. Is that counted? It is an awesome nightie from Myer. It is comfy and sexy and not tarty, it’s the Leona by Leona Edmonston brand. And the kicker? it has flamingo’s all over it. I have love for Flamingo’s (and nightwear!).

  5. Jane

    My most treasured item of clothing is a big purple tshirt with an Om sign on the front in silver . It is treasured because I wore it while in labour with both of my boys . It’s like a comfort thing now, if I am sick or missing my boys I put it on 🙂

  6. Anya

    I so laughed at your comment about Supre 🙂 Yes, with maturation all kinds of things come into focus.
    My most treasured piece of clothing is the most gorgeous, raw silk jacket – very sculptural as it has a collar reminiscent of the 50’s and 3/4 sleeves. It is short, perfectly fitted and can be worn dressed up with skirt/evening pants or dressed down with jeans. It makes me feel a million dollar every time I wear it as I know the outfit is effortlessly stylish 🙂 And because the jacket can be worn in so many ways I don’t feel guilty about the price tag!

  7. Michelle V

    My most treasured item of clothing is a Michael Buble tshirt that has his actual DNA on it!
    Let me elaborate before you think I’m all kinds of crazy! 🙂
    I am a HUGE Micheal Buble fan. Like, the BIGGEST Buble fan.
    i have been to all of his Melbourne concerts, and the last time he toured, I was sitting in the second row with my sister. I had bought a t-shirt from the merchandise shop at the concert, and had a permanent marker, hoping that I could get the t-shirt signed by my idol.
    About half-way through the concert, I was right up the front of the stage, having left my seat, as had quite a few others.
    I was waving my hands around madly with the tshirt and pen, screaming and yelling. I finally got Michael’s attention, and he came over. He told me he couldn’t sign it because he wasn’t allowed, but he said “How about the next best thing?” And before I knew it, he grabbed the tshirt and patted his face with it!!!!!!!
    I nearly died on the spot!!!
    It takes pride of place in my bedroom and I love and cherish it and have told that story countless times.
    Many thanks for the opportunity to win; the bags are stunning!!


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