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I love a wall shelf. I'm kind of a collecter of nick nacks so wall shelves are perfect for storage of same. 

My plan was to mount a shelf each for the boys and decorate them (with nick nacks) according to their 'theme' – so Luca, space and Ziggy, robots.

Being a contrary child, Luca objected strongly to the mounting of shelves, and in the end, we had to do it when he was at kinder to avoid a showdown.

Then on returning home that afternoon, he decided he LOVED the shelves. The mind-changing is mind-bending.

But still, it was a win, I thought. I had arranged a few bits and pieces nick nacks on the shelf and Luca decided he might like to add a few things also. Sure, I said, why not? I was just happy he wasn't trying to tear the shelves from our (rented) walls.

As time went on, it seemed that anything and everything deserved a place on the shelf. In the manner of The Castle, the shelf had become the poolroom.

"I made this at kinder!" – straight to the shelf.

"I made this out of blocks!" – straight to the shelf.

"I picked this out of my nose!" – straight to the shelf.

My dream for the shelf has, you might well imagine, been diminished.

This is Ziggy's shelf;

The Little Daily 26.7 Zig

And this is Luca's shelf; 

The Little Daily 26.7 Luca


Why do I bother? Fuck.


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  1. Amethyst

    I love Luca’s shelf!!!!

  2. Madeleine

    Oh my goodness! That Luca and F? Peas in a pod. She too, objects with any plans to change something in her room, but then does a 180 when it’s all done and dusted – not before huge bouts of anxiety, though. And whatever space she can find to display things? Not that different from Luca’s shelf, I tell ya.

  3. Jess

    I have to say, I love lucas shelf too. Although its so much easier to see these things as ‘cute’ when they are not your own kids. Take for example when I was a nanny – I loved it that one of the girls I looked after was so strong willed and would choose her clothes from 18 mths old. Then I had a little girl who finds long sleeves or pants ‘too spicey’ and has to wear her socks pulled up to her knees with leggings and sandals…Gah!!! I try and be open minded about her clothes choices but FERK she only wants to wear garish bright pink and I have bought her some cute stuff that she won’t go near… (so yeah, I get it) But I have to say.. Over styled kids rooms and kids that have been dressed by their parents in a country road catalogue really aren’t that good in real life, just in catalogues!

  4. Jess

    I just said ‘I have to say’ twice.. I have to say, goodnight 😉

  5. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Ha! Crazy Crabs. Luca is so confident in new environments but at home, he loses his shit if we attempt to move stuff around. It’s so strange…and annoying.

    I must say, even though the ‘Philly box with masking tape as art’ thing is hard for me aesthetically, I love that he pilfered the framed picture of baby me and my grandparents from the lounge. That was bit cute.

  6. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    I know, I know! I don’t want his room to be a museum or too matchy matchy either. It’s important that both the boys personalities are evident in the space. But you know what? I could live without the Just Bran boxes…

    And I just have to say, my blood ran cold when I read about the daughter choosing her own outfits thing…it will KILL me if Harlow won’t wear some of the pretties I have tucked away!

  7. mammajoy

    Oh Angie I feel your pain!! They just don’t GET decor. And I see you have a cereal box with papertowel rolls stuck to it. We have many a converted cereal box now a treasured toy floating around our house too. In fact one is sitting on my boys shelf as well, and has been for about 2 months now. Sigh. Love all those robots. Just think, as your gorgeous girl grows up you can decorate her room! And girls don’t object!

  8. Jess

    Oh but they doooo… Girls object. My little strong willed girls do anyway 😉


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