Harlow Wears Woolbabe

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Woolbabe Collage


I love my daughter, I surely do. Her smile is like sunshine for my soul. Really.

But that love is never greater than when she is sleeping.

So when I was approached to review a baby sleeping bag I was like, sign.me.up.

I don't have to tell you why sleeping bags are ace; they're recommended for safe sleeping, they avoid wake-ups due to baby kicking off blankets and being too hot/too cold. There's so much to love about a baby sleeping bag.

But not all sleeping bags are equal. I've bought the exxy ones and I've bought the cheapo ones, and it turns out, there's a reason why the exxy ones are exxy. Who knew?

Woolbabe is most definitely a Rolls Royce in the world of sleeping bags.

When it arrived in the mail, my first thought was, "Bugger Harlow, I'm going to sleep in that thing."

This bag is HUGE – the size is listed as 3-24 months and I believe it! In fact, I initially thought it would be too big for Harlow but the fit is perfect…with lots of room to grow some nice long legs like her daddy (instead of the ankle-free version of her mother's). 

What I noticed most though was the feel of the bag. It has a real weight to it in comparison to other sleeping bags I've used. It feels quite luxurious, and in Blossom Pink, is gorgeous to look at, too.

BUT this would all mean nothing if my little baby girl did not SLEEP WELL in it.

Harlow has been suffering her first cold and the two nights previous to using the Woolbabe for the first time, her sleep had been very disturbed. Still in the grips of the cold, I knew her sleep would be all over the place but I decided to try out the new sleeping bag anyway. It couldn't hurt, I thought.

That night, zipped up in her new Woolbabe, Harlow had the most sound sleep she'd had in over 48 hours. Which means I got some decent sleep, too. Her cold had actually worsened but she slept better which I thought was kind of awesome. I wondered if not having her arms wrapped would mean she'd startle herself awake more but I think the weight of the wool gave the same secure feeling of being wrapped and she couldn't wriggle out like she sometimes will when swaddled.

It is safe to say I am a fan.

My baby slept soundly even while ill – what's not to love?

The only negative (and I'm reaching here) was washing it. Wet wool, man. It's not a great smell, is it? But it certainly confirms that this bag is filled with 100% Australian merino wool as claimed. And of course, the smell is gone once the wool dries.

Check out the Woolbabe website to read more about their sleeping bags.

And then, WIN one! 


Woolbabe and The Sleep Store are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a Woolbabe sleeping bag in the size and colour of their choice.


Leave a comment here on the blog listing which colour and size you'd like if you won.

You may also compliment me on my girlish good looks but the competition winner will be randomly drawn so that part is totally optional. 

The competition (open to Australian residents only) will close on Sunday 5th August at midnight EST. A winner will be announced Monday 6th August.

Good luck, loves!


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  1. Fiona Denny

    Ooh Pick me! Pick me! Would love to try one of these! Raspberry 3-24mo 🙂

  2. Vicki @ Knocked Up and Abroad

    Oooo yeah baby! We’re sleeping bag lovers all the way. I’d like a toddler 2-4 years bag in blue pretty please!
    They look like sleeping bag royalty definitely! 🙂

  3. Kel

    Another for the raspberry 3-24 months 🙂 Looks fantastic!

  4. Jamie

    hi there

    If I won I would like A 3 to 24 month sized sleeping bag in blossom

  5. Kate

    Ooooh, sky blue, toddler 2-4 please! Poor CJ needs some non pink bedwear 😉

  6. Angela

    Moon dust in 3-24 months please

  7. Basia

    Angie, your girlish good looks are only exceeded by your intelligence, wit and talent…

    and if you happen to “randomly” choose me, then the Toffee Apple side zip duvet woolbabe, 2-4 yr old please!

    We’re a big fan of the sleeping bags, but I’m having trouble wrestling my 2.5 yr old into his front zip one at night, so something for him that his little sister can grow into would be awesome.

  8. Jodie

    If I were lucky enough to win this super comfortable looking sleeping bag for my little girl, the Raspberry 3-24 months would be my choice.

  9. Neroli

    They look lovely. Putty colour in 3-24 months would be my pick! 🙂

  10. Kristin Alexander

    Moon dust (love the name they have picked for this color) in 3-24 months, if I were lucky enough to win 🙂

  11. Renee

    Ive been tossing up on whether to invest in a sleeping bag or not. Good to know Harlow enjoyed hers 🙂 I’d love a pink 3-24 month one

  12. Amethyst

    I would love a moon-dust one! (3-24mths)
    For some reason I think of David Bowie as the Goblin King whenever I read ‘Moon-dust’…

  13. Anita Pender

    I’d love to win a raspberry 3-24 month bag! Please?! Xx

  14. Lauren Parsons

    Ohhhh I’d pick the raspberry – not only looks great but the colour sounds like its delicious.. Size 3-24 month old would b perfect… Just trying to get my little princess to get used to being unwrapped – at the moment it’s like she’s swatting flies away.. 🙂

  15. Aimee

    Oh i’d love a pink one too for my little girl – i think there is only 2 days difference between mine and Harlow. Size 3-24 😉

  16. Shayne

    LOL! Your girlish good looks are what keep me coming back every day Ange 😉

    Great prize! I’d love a 3-24 month in Blossom Pink if I were the lucky winner.


  17. Kylie

    Sounds amazing! Raspberry in the 3-24 month if I’m the lucky winner please! 🙂

  18. Miranda Jensen

    Would lurve raspberry 3-24 months…pretty please!

  19. Jane

    Pick me !! Moondust in 3-24mths =) Thanks x

  20. Rachael Van De Straat

    Wow! LOVE LOVE… Raspberry size 2-4 PLeasssssssssse lol. And of course you are A beautiful Mumma Angie and an Inspiration to all us Mummas out there <3

  21. Rmcgregor

    Hmmm… I keep hearing wonderful things about these sleeping bags. Wonder if a raspberry 3-24 month one will help Little Miss 7 Months transition out of swaddles…
    And as a side note – I think you should read the listed compliments aloud, while looking at yourself in your rear-vision mirror. 😉

  22. Frizzle

    Ohhh how gorgeous is the raspberry. 3-24 months.

  23. Cheryl

    Oh I hope to get picked! Moon dust 3-24 please…

  24. jenn @ mountains and musings

    Hello! If I won I’d get the Moondust 3-24 months…
    Hooray for better sleep! I’m trialling Grobags at the moment. Can’t decide if she sleeps better or not! That probably means not…
    Thanks 🙂

  25. Trudy

    Lovely! Blue 3-24 months

  26. rachel@gabellone.com

    Anything to make my 11 month old sleep better sounds fabulous! Raspberry in 3-24 months please 🙂

  27. Jane

    Awww sweet baby girl… I would love a raspberry in size 3-24 for bump please would love blue but then I could be wrong so go more neutral just incase its another pinky for me 🙂 ..

  28. Cayte Stevens

    I’m not sure even the magic of Woolbabe would entice Ella to sleep, but at least she’ll be stylishly sleepless in Beveridge in a size 3-24 month Blossom Pink Woolbabe Sleeping Bag. And it would be something different for me to look at while I pat, shhh, pat, shhhh, pat, shhhh!

  29. Karen B

    Finger crossed……. Moondust 2-4years please. Thanks 🙂


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