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Sometimes when I escape from the house child-free (to glamorous locales such as el supermarket and Le Pharmacy), I need to call home for some reason (Hi Bren. Yep, I'll be home soon. Oh, there was a really long line at Le Pharmacy. Yes, three hours long. Do I sense a tone in your voice?).

Invariably, there will be a squabble for Luca and Zig to speak to me. And when their little voices come down the telephone line, I tell you my ears have not heard a sweeter sound.

Removing all other forms of communication, it's then that I realise how grown up they are becoming. Luca is conversational and hilarious. Zig's use of language and complete sentences is growing more sophisticated every day.

And they both always, always end with "I love you, Mumma" (and "Can you bring us a donut?").

I love those moments that reveal my children to me in new ways. I have so much to learn about them.


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  1. Alison

    Aw, that is sweet indeed. Yesterday, I had an hour alone for the first time in over 3 months and I called home while at the supermarket (of course I was), and the little guy picked up the phone (he loves picking up the phone) and I just melted like a puddle on the floor when I heard his little voice. Though he’s still not very intelligible, it was his little voice. Sigh.


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