Bias or Not?

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You know when a parent posts a video on social media saying, "OMG, our little Johnny is sooooo funny! LOL!" and then you watch it and you're like, "Dude, I didn't even laugh once"?

Listen, I don't judge. I look back at photos of my newborns who I was certain were THE most beautiful newborns in the history of the world and realise, "Cute, sure, but ain't no J&J baby." It's normal to be completely smitten in the most rose-coloured glasses of ways. That's how we've been built, to love unconditionally, and long may parental bias live, for without it, who will love our awkward school photos?   

But what viewing other parents' very obvious love-blinded biases has done is made me pause before posting kid stuff to social media decrying it "CUTEST EVER!" and "OMG, ELLEN NEEDS TO SEE THIS!" I censor my gushing parent self – and I think that's a good system for me. Believe me, I could spam your feeds with pictures of my children's eyelashes ALL. DAY. LONG. I really could. 

So it is with some trepidation that I present the following video. Ziggy had swiped my phone and taken 623 selfies and later that evening, I was going through deleting most of them when I happened across a video. I suspected it would be the usual whirlwind of blurry floors and then sharp focus on a Peppa Pig episode on the television. But no. This one was different. This one made me laugh. I mean really laugh. And when I showed Bren, he really laughed, too.

But is it the bias talking? I had to know. So I'm sharing the video with you and I dare you not to at least laugh on the inside. But if that fails, it will have been worth sharing if only because it captures quite beautifully the essence of our kid, the one without whom we cannot imagine the earth turning.



Note: My personal favourite bit occurs at around the 48 second mark because what the actual fuck is he even doing?

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