When Kids Take Photos

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Oh, to see the world through the eyes of a child once again!

How easily jaded weariness replaced awed wonder.

But rejoice! For that annoying habit of your child stealing your phone and taking 3000 photos is actually a blessing in disguise, a rare chance to glimpse the world anew. 

Here I have outlined some of the common themes revealed when kids take photos.




The Selfie

The desire to take photos of oneself is universal.

The Selfie


The Selfie x 1000

Also universal, the inability to stop taking photos of oneself.

The Selfie x 1000


The Emo Selfie

Not just the domain of bedroom-dwelling teenagers.

Emo Selfie


The Emo Selfie x 1000

It turns out the Emo Selfie results in deeply unflattering images, no matter how young and sweet the self's face may actually be.

Emo Selfie x 1000


The Accidental Artiste

Scrolling through the 3000 pics, sometimes you stop and say, "Well, wow!"



The Celeb Shot

None of us are immune to the glitter of fame.

Photographer to the stars


 The Artist's Muse

Sometimes a subject just captures the photographer's imagination….whether the subject likes it or not.

Artist's Muse


The Still Life

Bowls of fruit, a bunch of Trashies – it's all art.

Still Life


The Experimental Phase

Some artists procure mind-altering drugs to enhance this phase however, red cordial will do in a pinch.

The Experimental Phase


Damned Paparazzi

There is no greater injustice than the intrusion of a sneaky photographer with a long lens. Or a kid with the flash off and the phone on silent. Not. cool.

NB: I may never eat again.

Damned Paparazzi


Can you recognise any of these themes on your own camera roll? Is your child any better at taking photos in focus than mine? 

Yes, so much to love about kids taking photos. And so much to delete. But I guess I'm just grateful there were no dick shots or "Hey, I'm on the toilet!" pics.

So much to look forward to…..

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