A Christmas Giveaway with Madman DVD – CLOSED

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Madman Giveaway

Cartoon Network's Amazing Regular Adevnture 3 DVD Boxset / Bergerac – The Complete Series 1-3 / Robot Chicken Star Wars – Complete Trilogy Collection / Miss Marple – The Complete Collection / The Killing Trilogy Collection / Adventure Time – Shmowzow Boxset / Midsomer Murders – Season 12-13 / Transformers Generation One Remastered Complete Collection / Stephen Fry: Inquisitive Documentaries Collection / Skins Complete Series 1-7 Boxset (Limited Edition) / Offspring – The Complete Season 1-4 Boxset / Megafactories: The Ultimate Showroom Collection Not shown: Housos Series 1 & 2 Boxset

I have never seen Offspring. Not one episode. I knew everyone was loving it. I sensed I would love it, too. I even auditioned for a role on the series (as a pregnant woman – while I was pregnant, thank god) but had never gotten around to watching it. 

I am one of those people who can not come in on a series a few episodes in. I have to watch it from the beginning. Since having children, I seem to always miss the first couple of episodes of every new series I want to watch. So while I never seem to catch anything when it's on free to air, I secretly prefer to buy (or borrow) the boxset and just gorge myself on a series all at once. Bren and I watched the entire series of The West Wing this way when I was pregnant with Ziggy. It was an American politics/Aaron Sorkin orgy. Fucking awesome.

More and more, we're moving towards digital everything, aren't we? But just like owning an actual, touchable book (and smellable – because how good do books smell??), there is something about owning a DVD boxset. Bren and I secretly harbour dreams of owning and watching the entire Buffy series (and Bren made mention of doing something similar with Gilmore Girls – I shit you not).

Anyhoo, I've probably said too much re the father of my children and his television viewing proclivities so let's talk about something else. Let's talk about GIVEAWAYS!

Win the DVD boxset of your choice!

Just in time for Christmas and those hard to buy for relatives, Madman Entertainment wants five of my super-attractive readers to win the boxset of their choice.

To Enter:

Take a look at the DVD titles pictured at the top of the page and in the comments below, tell us which title you would choose and who you would gift it to.


Conditions of entry: 

  • Entrants must leave a comment below (not on Facebook) and  be contactable via email. One entry per person. Open to Australian residents only.
  • Entries close: Thursday 12 December 2013 at noon.
  • Winners will be chosen by random.org, notified by email and announced on this blog post.
  • Prizes will be sent by Madman Entertainment.
  • Five winners will each win one DVD boxset of their choice from those listed at the beginning of this post. 
  • Prizes are not redeemable for cash.
  • Prizes are not transferable.
  • The Promoter is not responsible for prizes once they have been dispatched to the winner but please shoot me an email if you do not receive your prize within two weeks so I can investigate for you! 

 Promoter: The Little Mumma, PO Box 159, Montmorency, Victoria, 3094 

 Best of luck!


The 5 lucky winners are:

Kylie Catterick, Mary Preston, Illushka Gow, Julia Parker and Racheal M. You have been emailed! Congratulations. 🙂


Hello friends


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  1. Christie

    ‘The killing’, and I would give it to my husband.

  2. Loreece Drane

    Midsomer murders. I would give it to my mother in law who has just had breast cancer surgery.

  3. Nellie Fleet

    OFFSPRING!! Omgggg! Never got around to seeing it all…Im on maternity leave..and my bub is sleeping 4 hour blocks..(at the moment)…PERFECT time for me to put my feet up and catch up on the goodness of Offspring, Patrick, Nina..Patrick..did I say Patrick!? :p Xmas pressie for myself?? I did give birth this year!? Ha! Please PICK moi!! Xx

  4. Fran

    Adventure Time – my girls have recently started to watch this in the morning before school and a box set might just buy me a few hours of peace!

  5. Ladybird

    If I win I’ll let you borrow my Buffy boxset –
    I have all seasons. And just to tempt you
    more Angel, I own the complete Angel series
    boxset too. Pick me! 🙂 x

  6. Michelle V

    I would love the Adventure Time Boxset. My young daughter had a Jake watch but it broke, and has been asking Santa for one for the past few weeks. Thr trouble is, “Santa” can’t bring a Jake watch because it was from a show bag that is now virtually non-existent to find!
    So this would be a great substitute.
    Or I’d also love Offspring for myself. Sounds selfish but I usually don’t get anything for Christmas, and would like to unwrap something this year!

  7. Kylie Catterick

    Stephen Fry for hubby. We’ve developed a new respect for him knowing he suffers from bipolar. Would be great as a gentle reminder for hubby after all he’s dealt with this year.

  8. Jackie

    Definitely Transformers. Because I have an eight year old boy.
    And don’t wait for Buffy. WATCH. IT. NOW! And Aaron Sorkin, Fucking Awesome!

  9. Mary Preston

    My daughter had discovered the Agatha Christie books. She would be absolutely thrilled with the MISS MARPLE boxed set.

    A fantastic opportunity thank you.

  10. Jasmine

    Definitely Transformers – for my nephew (or possibly my brother)

  11. Bilby

    I would love the Adventure Time box set. My big kids are rather taken with it but don’t get to watch the entire episode in the mornings before going to school. Talk about a bonus christmas present! Booyah!!

  12. Vicki @ Knocked Up & Abroad

    Offspring set please. I too am like you and miss stuff I wanna see. I missed the entire first 2 seasons of Offspring but managed to get on board for the last two. It is worth the marathon girlfriend. It’s light and soapie. Good for end-of-the-day-can’t-think-for-shit types of Mummys. I’d gift it to myself, ‘cos I’m not too sure if my boys are going to get into gear and think ahead enough to actually put anything under the tree for me (sorry to sound so bloody emo). Or at least, they probably won’t buy a girly, feel good kinda pressie. It will probably be something for camping or kitchen-esk. Oh Lordy.

  13. Kirsty

    So many ace sets to choose from… But seeing its nearly Christmas, Adventure Time would have to be on the top of the list. The kids would love it! Merry Christmas

  14. Di

    Offspring, for me, so I can see for myself what all they hype has been about!

  15. Kevin Kelly

    Miss Marple to my brother in law, he loves all of the murder mysteries especially being investigated by someone like Miss Marple

  16. DIANA O

    Tranformers, for my son and the biggest kid of them all, hubby! It’ll keep them glued to the screen and out of my hair for hours 🙂

  17. Julia Parker

    My husband is fascinated by “Mega Factories”. Could be because he works somewhere that could be classed as one!! He would be thoroughly entertained for a Mega amount of time!!

  18. Lady Tiffany

    Midsomer Murders…I would give myself a little treat…just started watching this series and now am addicted would love to have some to keep….

  19. Caroline K

    Transformers for a family who, due to work requirements of both parents, have not had an opportunity to spend much quality time together.

  20. Ron Rose

    I would love the Miss Marple series for my wife.
    Not only does she love mysteries, it would make up for my hogging the TV while the cricket’s on. 🙂

  21. Brodie

    OFFSPRING. And I feel no guilt in wanting to gift it to myself. Especially after the devestation at the end of last season (no spoilers, promise!). I think everyone who endured THAT sobfest deserves a real life Patrick Reid doppleganger delivered to their doorsteop (preferably covered in melted chocolate – the only occasion I would ever volunteer for clean-up duties). But since Madmen are too cheap offer that (disclaimer: no offense intended, oh glorious giveaway sponsor!) then I’ll settle for the boxset so I can relive the all-consuming emotions, hilarity, magical-bra-unstrapping-Patrick-Smiles and lovable craziness this show has delivered for the past four seasons.

    Plus it gives me a legitimate excuse to pencil into my diary ice-cream binging, all day pyjama wear and only leaving the house to restock on aforementioned ice cream during my two week Christmas break 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Pauline Stewart

    Robot Chicken Star Wars – Complete Trilogy Collection for my son Liam, I think he’s love it!

  23. Illushka Gow

    The Cartoon Network box set. My son’s LOVE all these show’s, and the truth be told they really don’t have to twist my arm when they ask me to watch it with them.

  24. Cathy B

    Stephen Fry Inquisitive Documentaries for my adult son Jim because he has an inquisitive nature.

  25. Maria P

    Decisions…Decisions….I think Offspring. My sister would love it!

  26. Andrew Mc

    Robot Chicken for my younger brother.He’s right into American stop-motion claymation comedy and would just love it. I’ve actually caught an episode or two and would probably borrow it from him.

  27. Camille PH

    Would love to win Offspring. Having recently arrived in Australia, I only managed to catch the last few episodes of the last season. I was hooked very quickly. Must watch it from the start at some point! 🙂

  28. Martin New

    I would love the ‘Miss Marple’ box set. It would be the perfect gift for my ninety year old Mother. She suffers from dementia but has not forgotten that this was her favourite television series and that Joan Hickson played the very best Marple of them all. This series would help bring a lot of happy memories back for mom.

  29. karina w

    Transformers – for my husband who is 36 but still loves his cartoons.

  30. Donna Abro

    Definately the Cartoon Networks Amazing Regular Adventure DVD, which I would give to my little man who is just crazy for all 3 of these shows but OBSESSED with Mordecai and Rigby….oooooohhhh!

  31. Ariel Richardson

    My little bro would be over the moon if he were to wake up Christmas morning and find a box set of all his favourite Cartoon Network shows. We’ve seen the episodes a million times but it would be worth seeing them a million more to also see the smile on his face.

  32. Pete

    Close call, but I’d have to choose the Stephen Fry documentaries… because? Because come on, it’s Stephen Fry! Girlfriend would love it but so would my best mate. Also my folks, this could get messy.

  33. Rachel Luci

    Offspring!! I would gift it to my best friend so we can watch it on girls nights with wine & chocolate 🙂

  34. PrettyPoppet

    I would really love to win the Skins complete series. My Brother loves that show and I know he would really appreciate it. I would get the best sister ever award, and have a happy Brother! That my friend is a win, win situation.

    Thanks for the giveaway, The Little Mumma x 🙂

  35. Mick G

    The Killing for myself as with no partner or siblings and children a tad to young to give gifts it would be great to actually have a present all for me

  36. Kell Kelly

    There are 3 that would be well loved in our home.
    The Offspring for me because like everyone else – I love it!
    The Megafactories would be the BEST ever present for my husband – he would be eternally grateful!
    The Adventure Time box set would be wonderful for my boys because it seems that is all they talk about lately!

    Thanks so much for the chance.
    kell@madmummas.com (just in case)

  37. Elly.K

    After the day I am having today, it has to be the adventure time box set. Its currently Master 4’s favourite show. He is sick with Gastro today and all he keeps asking is – “when is adventure time on TV”.

  38. Helga Grenkowitz

    The Offspring – I would give it to my husband; so I could watch it with him together. I am sure my daughter would love to watch it as well 🙂

  39. Wendy Daniels

    Adventure time I would gift to my daughter but I secretly LOVE it.

  40. Arran

    Midsomer Murders, my 90 year old mother-in-law enjoys trying to work out whodunit and there are certainly enough chances, there is never just 1 murder, always 2 or 3!

  41. Katrina Corbett

    The “Skins” box set! And I would gift it to myself because I know that hubby will forget to get me something for Christmas.

  42. Racheal M

    Transformers – my kids would love these originals (& so would Mum)Didnt know they were available on dvd. Thankyou. Merry Christmas.

  43. Karla Oleinikoff

    Transformers, so I can show my kids how cool I was because I watched this when I was their age.

  44. Amanda Gorton

    After a difficult year my Dad could really lighten up and relax with a good laugh!
    My solution?! Robot Chicken Star Wars – Complete Trilogy Collection!

  45. Dianne Childs

    I would love Cartoon Network’s Amazing Regular Adventure 3 DVD Boxset for my son. But actually, I think the whole family would enjoy watching it! So many great DVDs – Adventure Time and Offspring are awesome, too!

  46. sonia cattley

    Bergerac – to give to my son….to prove that I loved Mr Barnaby before he was a Midsomer Detective.


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