Christmas Gift Guide For Good

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Christmas is upon us. I am avoiding my local shopping centre like the plague because suddenly, ALL THE PEOPLE. I like people but I don't like them to be where I shop when I shop. Thankfully, I am very organised and my Christmas gift buying is done. 

But in case you aren't so lucky, I thought I'd share some ideas.

No doubt you are being inundated with a thousand other well meaning gift guides. Because let's face it, what fool couldn't compile a list of shit you can buy? Granted, there are some people who are exceptionally clever at curating quirky lists. I have been inspired by many a list myself – but mostly end up circling things I would like for myself. But we live in the age of the consumer and there is no shortage of STUFF to be purchased.

So why do another list? You make an excellent point. It's possible we don't need another list. But I am throwing my hat in the ring anyway.

This is my Gift Guide For Good. Choosing any of the following as Christmas presents serves a purpose beyond gift-giving. Read on.

1.  Fairy Tales For Hope


These beautiful prints make a stunning gift for a child's bedroom. From only $10 plus postage. All proceeds go directly to the Stillbirth Foundation Australia. Check out the full range here. We have Beauty and the Beast on Harlow's wall.


2. St Kilda Mums Special Limited Edition Tea Towel 

SKM Tea Towel

The perfect gift for a school teacher, aunty, mum, friend. $15 plus postage. I bought a bunch of them and they're ace. Gorgeous and BIG. A quality tea towel – because we all know how annoying cheap tea towels that don't properly dry things can be. Buy your here.


3. Wishing Tree – for another mum


Going to buy your girlfriend a handcream/soap/chocolates/just something small this year? Why not forgo exchanging gifts and with the $10-$20 you were each going to spend, put together a box of goodies for a fellow mum (or dad!) to go under a Wishing Tree (see Kmart). These appeals often attract great support in the way of presents for kids but very little for the parents. Your box of cosmetics or toiletries might be the only present a mum opens this Christmas – the potential to love and support another mum from afar can be as simple as buying a lovely body moisturiser and a mascara.

The picture above is of a box friends and I put together for the New Day Box appeal which distributes gifts to women in crisis accommodation here in Melbourne. I'm thrilled with how it turned out.


4. Support Small Business

Stay away from the shopping centres altogether and shop online for handmade treasures. 

HandmadeTop row: 1 2 3 Middle row 1 2 3 Bottom row 1 2 3


The Little Mumma for St Kilda Mums Sale and Auction!


Since discovering the charity, St Kilda Mums, I have experienced a transformation of sorts. The power of giving has completely invaded my being. I am energised by it, always looking for ways to do more

With that in mind, I am having a sale and auction on my Facebook page tomorrow and Wednesday to raise money for the St Kilda Mums Christmas Appeal.

Some things are preloved from my very own children and priced from as little as $3 (plus postage). 30% of the proceeds will go to St Kilda Mums. Brands include Diesel, Rock Your Baby and Seed. The sale begins at noon tomorrow (Tuesday 10th December).

Some things have been donated brand new and will be auctioned off on Wednesday 11th December at 8:00pm. ALL proceeds (excluding any postage charged) will go to St Kilda Mums.

Of course, if there is nothing that takes your fancy, you can donate directly to St Kilda Mums – leave a note saying The Little Mumma sent you so that we can count your generous donation in the final tally of monies raised.

You might ask why I don't just donate the preloved clothes directly to St Kilda Mums – believe me, I have offloaded most of my baby gear and outgrown clothes but I have saved a few pieces with the hope of raising money for a new cot which is one of the items SKM always seem to have a long waiting list for. Of course, anything that does not sell will be donated but I was hoping that together we could help ensure at least one more baby has a safe place to sleep. I thought that might feel good!

I hope you'll come take a look tomorrow and then again on Wednesday night.


Thank you!



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I’m Angie!  I mum. I write. I wife. My husband would say this is the correct order.  He’s so neeeedy. I live with my family in Melbourne, Australia, where I complain about the weather for 90% of the year – but I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Except maybe in Lake Como, waving to my neighbours George and Amal each morning.

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  1. Sally

    Really truly, you are the best xo

  2. Kylie Catterick

    You are most definitely one amazing woman Ange!

  3. Tina kalpenos

    What Great Ideas, I only wish I had come across your site earlier, Oh well , There’s always next year….. lol….. Love the site x

  4. Mum's Lounge

    How beautiful is the wishing gift for mum box. Thats such a fabulous idea. Make Mum feel special.


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