Bringing a little person into the world is incredibly hard work. It can be frightening and overwhelming, the ultimate test of endurance – both mentally and physically.  

But birth IS beautiful – normally once it's over and the baby is in your arms. Time will generally cast the memory of birth in a rosier glow than the one you might be feeling smack in the middle of your labour. Or the one when the baby is crowning. Holy shit, that's a moment when you know you're alive.

There is no one way to birth. No right way. Nobody can fail at birth. We do what we can do.

And no matter how that baby gets out of your body, it's practically guaranteed that when they turn three, you'll want to leave them on the nature strip with the hard rubbish. Three-year-olds; much harder than childbirth. 

Like everything, the birthing suite has changed and evolved over time. Husbands are now in, in many cases the obstetrician is out. Lamaze is yesterday, Hypnobirth is now. Changes, options, slowly but surely helping to make the space safe and nurturing once again. Until you're in it, you can't know how important that will feel as the birthing woman. 

Embracing childbirth as a ritual of empowerment and celebration has seen the rise and rise of birth photography. In some ways, I think it would have been lovely to have a visual record of the experience but I was too vain to consider it. Silly of me because every pic I've seen of such a session has been beautiful and moving.

I wanted to share some extraordinary birth images I found on Pinterest with you. Enjoy.


 Source: via January on Pinterest








It's crazy and beautiful, this having babies business. It almost makes me want to do it again….almost


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  1. Madeleine

    Holy moly, YES! I want to know more about the mum in the bathtub. I noted it was only 1.22 mins long when I first clicked to view it, but wasn’t expecting the baby to slide out so soon. Amazing.

  2. birdzeyeview

    Gah! I’m all teary! Those photos are so special. Not sure I want someone in there snapping away come October but seeing these photos?…. Wowsers?! Maybe… Just maybe xx

  3. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    I know! So incredible. This MUST have been her first baby because she looks mightily confused about what to do next and yet with the faintest of whimpers, baby is out. In one push, it seems! I’ve heard such fast deliveries do put Mum’s body into shock for some time after. But Bub seems to have taken it in his/her stride judging by those healthy cries!

    I just love everything about it. The way she manages to balance while birthing the bub and THEN managing to grab the bub with both hands. All by herself! Seriously, I am in awe. The moments following the birth, the little gender check she does and only after a minute or so does she even look up from bub’s face. I can’t believe she doesn’t call out to anyone. She is just so lost in this amazing moment.

    Yeah. Just wow.


  4. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    If you could find someone you really trusted, I would say DO IT. I kind of regret it now. I really do.

    With the birth of the boys, a member of the medical staff always had the presence of mind to say get the camera out but with Harlow, everyone in the room was so focused on my pushing this baby out that no pics were taken of her arrival! NONE! And then because she required oxygen after birth, we didn’t get a pic of her until about 15 minutes afterwards. I can’t believe it! Where was my head??

    Smooth sailing until October, honey. xxx

  5. Kylie

    Absolutely freaking awesome! I have to admit, I’m damn proud of my most recent birth. Of me, my hubby and bubba. 🙂

  6. Vicki @ Knocked Up & Abroad

    Totally how my 2nd labour is going to go… totally. Birth can be so freakin unbelievable and surprising hey? The mother looks completely shocked and almost scared at her vjays ability!!

  7. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Of course it will. Although that’s only a good thing if you want to birth at home in the bath! Otherwise, a little more warning is handy in order to get to the hospital in time…. 😉

    So excited for you! xxx

  8. Jane

    Oh whoa that was AMAZING as were the photos just amazing thing childbirth… We actually remembered for Ally’s birth to take photos when she was being pulled out of my tum but sadly the nurse did a SHIT job and they were all out of focus i was shattered i really wanted a good look at it all (not the gross bits) but the beautiful moment of my baby coming into the world sigh alas maybe i have to go a 3rd time HAHA… But ONLY if i can completely miss the 3 yr old faze and go to 4 1/2ish LOL i agree 3 yr olds are HARD HARD WORK!!!!!


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