Top 5 Labour Must-Haves

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If you are planning on giving birth soon, don't even think about doing it without these things.

Or do. It's probably fine.

All I'm saying is that these things made my last birthing experience better.

So herewith, interspersed with more amazing images found on Pinterest, my top 5 most excellent things to take into labour with you:

1. A vagina

No, really, you'd be surprised how handy this can be. Not everyone can (or wants to) activate the vaj for birthing duty but having had a caesar and a vaginal birth, I feel I am qualified to say that giving birth the old-fashioned way has a number of benefits. The feeling of accomplishment, the lack of post-surgery recovery – it can't be underestimated. And then there is the moment they put that baby on your chest – the immediate contact is sublime. The exhausted bliss is from heaven. But this is MY experience. If you can't/won't use the vaj, then I can say that holding your baby post-op is just as heavenly. A different kind of heaven, yes, but heavenly nonetheless.

Try: to borrow someone else's vagina for the birth if possible. Note: it's not actually possible. Sorry.


 2. Aroma diffuser   

Hospital rooms are a little impersonal, aren't they? Me, I quite like that they have that sterile, clinical feel. I think if I were to try birthing in my living room, I'd be mentally dusting the bookshelf. So though I prefer a hospital environment, I like the idea of warming the space up a bit. To that end, I have taken along some framed pictures for each labour in order to personalise the space. Hot tip: I didn't glance at those photos ever. Not a once. Because intense labour will remove you from the real world. You will go 'somewhere else'. But more subtle sensory changes can alter the room's energy. Like using aromatherapy. Most hospitals (read: all hospitals) frown on naked flames in a space where crazed birthing women are liable to kick an oil burner over or accidentally leave the gas mouthpiece lying on top of it. So I found an awesome electric diffuser to do the job. My advice – choose an oil you absolutely love and just use a drop or two in the water. Anything strong or overpowering can mess with your mind when you're birthing. Go with an old fave and use it sparingly. I can't say I was always aware of the smell (remember I was 'somewhere else') but I distinctly remember from the depths of a contraction hearing someone enter the room and exclaim, "Oh, it smells amazing in here!" and feeling somewhat chuffed. What a good little host I was!

Try: Ionmax ION108 Aroma Diffuser


 3. Music

During Ziggy's labour, we took in a CD player. Bren turned it on and as I recall, Paul Simon's Graceland played through once and then that was it.  No-one thought to hit play again. And I have a feeling I only took in that one disc. So no more music.

I was so determined to fill the room with music for Harlow's birth that I made a playlist on my iPod. I called it Labour and filled it with Jeff Buckley and Sufjan Stevens. Awesome. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell Bren to choose that playlist so who knows what was playing. Once again, when you're at the business end of labour, the midwife could set herself on fire and you wouldn't know. Or care. But Bren assures me the nursing staff appreciated my song selections (and once again, I was quietly proud of throwing a good birth party).

Sadly, no-one thought to make a note of the song that was playing at 2:30pm when my little girl came into the world. I do, however, recall the moment I became aware of the music playing after the birth when I was heard to exclaim, "How the fuck did Delta Goodrem get on my iPod?"

Try: Logitech Portable Speaker S135i to dock your iPod/Phone – it's tiny but the sound quality is really decent. Ours now lulls Harlow to sleep each night. There are equivalent products for Android phone users.


 4. Face Spritzer

Seriously, this rocked my world. Just before transition, my body temperature seemed to soar. Bren would mist my face with Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner and it really helped. Spraying it now, it's mild fragrance transports me straight back to the labour suite – thankfully, enough time has passed to make this a pleasant recollection.

Try: Bloom Refreshing Facial Mist, The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist or just fill up a spray bottle with water and a drop of your favourite essential oil. 


 5. Someone awesome

The reality is that even the person nearest and dearest to you will get on your nerves at some point during your labour. The colour blue may get on your nerves. That's just labour – everything is a potential annoyance. So whoever is accompanying you down the rabbit hole needs to be aware that you may become a person possessed and that you cannot be held responsible for anything you say or do for the duration. I told Bren, I said, "If I call you names or break any of the bones in your hands, I am sorry. But just, you know, try not to annoy me, okay, sweetie?" He understood perfectly. He was terrified but he understood.

Someone who loves you unconditionally and whose presence you find comforting is a great place to start. But be aware that being a great labour support is not necessarily easy. Discuss what you might want or need with your partner/support person before you're in labour. 

Try: a professional birth support (or doula) if you want someone experienced to advocate for and guide you (and if it's in your budget).  

ALSO: you'll do a lot of heavy mouth breathing during labour – have water, straws and lip balm close by. Once again, make sure the taste/fragrance of the lip balm is mild. Some recommend snacks to keep your energy levels up but personally, I could never eat during labour. Except with Luca when I had an epidural up so high I couldn't feel my eyebrows and decided to eat a box of Barbeque Shapes. They made a reappearance in the operating theatre just after Luca was hoisted into the air. Awesome. 


I originally bought my diffuser specifically for use during labour but now I use it most days at home. I love it and recommend it to others often. So naturally, I am super-stoked that Andatech want to give one away to a lovely reader here on The Little Mumma. 

Though I use it primarily as an aroma diffuser, the ION108 is also a humidifier, purifier and has a soft light which can double as a nightlight in the kids' room. For safety, it will sense when the water is low and switch itself off. Such a nifty little unit. Actually, I think I need another one. Might have to enter this competition myself under a pseudonym. If the winner turns out to be Lil Mudder, you should probably report me to A Current Affair….

Valued at $96, the ION108 is awesome during labour but you'll probably appreciate it even more in your home after all that crazy business is done. Entry is simple.

To Enter:

1. Go to the Andatech website and find another of their Wellness products (that isn't the ION108). 

2. Come back and leave the name of that product in a comment here on the blog.

The competition will run until Thursday 16th May, closing at midnight AEST. A winner will be chosen at random (via and will be announced on the blog Friday 17th May. Winner must make contact within 5 days via thelittlemumma[at]gmail[dot]com Open to Australian residents only.

Good luck!

If you are not the lucky winner, Andatech are offering The Little Mumma readers 20% off all their Health and Wellness products. Just use the code "MUMMA" when you check out. Happy shopping!


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  1. Vicki @ Knocked Up & Abroad

    I’ve been loving your birth posts. The pics look so moving and almost romantic it’s working wonders for my mind which is still happy to be in the land of the denial about my upcoming birth. Thank you for reminding me about the power of music, AND I love the face mist idea. Totes getting on it. I’m happy to say I do have my vjay ready to rumble. If nothing else, it is ready to roll, ya know, ‘cos she has to…
    Also, for the sakes of being in it to win it: I like the look of the juice buddy on the Andatech website. I always find them inspiring to get me on some health kick.

  2. Anita Pender

    Greenpower pro juicer! I am loving birth week, I like most women enjoy sharing and hearing birth stories and all things baby! My essential for labor was a heat pack for my bad back pain for my first and for my second it all happened so fast that I didn’t need or use anything, was just glad to have my supporting husband by my side.

  3. Leanne

    I love that they sell breathalysers!!! So handy… probably not in the labour room. (Probably… maybe in mine?) Not that I’m quite in the labour room yet… though I am trying!! Fun times. You have made me feel better about using my vaj. I really don’t want to and would much prefer to use someone else’s. Anyway, another wellness product is Coway JuicePresso CJP-01 Cold Press Juicer – that shit looks F A N C Y. The diffuser would be great in my new house, until I take it into the labour room….

  4. Jenna

    Coway Water Purifier P-210N
    Loving birth week Angie!!!! Getting me ready, excited (and a little nervous) for what’s to come very soon!

  5. Angela Fortt

    Another great post Angie. “Birth week” is transporting me back to the birth of my little one in January this year. You have really sold me on the ION108 but I also love the look of the water purifier – all this breastfeeding makes me thirsty!

  6. Jodie

    Coway Water Purifier P-210N

    Brilliant posts this week Little Mumma!

  7. Strawbes

    Coway Home Air Purifier AP-1008CH White

    As always, you’re on fire pretty lady! Got me thinking about going back for more. Shame on you! 😉

  8. Helen

    I love what you said about birthing in a hospital. I feel the same. I felt safer and more relaxed in hospital than I would have at home. One of the best parts of it though is not having to clean up afterwards. The shower after I had my third son was like the shower scene from psycho and I didn’t have to worry about it.

  9. Crystal Jones

    Ionmax LTK2000 4-in-1 Relaxation Therapy Station

    Very helpful I’m due in October and am going to attempt a vbac so will definately keep this list in mind 🙂

  10. Aimee

    Coway Water Purifer P-210N. I am loving this birth week!! My daughter was born a few days after your little girl and I am also pregnant again due in November. Your posts are bringing a tear to my eye (darn pregnancy hormones!!) and cracking me up laughing. Its been long enough since my daughters birth that I am sort of seeing the birthing experience in that ‘rosey glow’ but not quite long enough for me to have forgotten that an epi is my very best friend

  11. Bec | Mumma Tells

    And then the week becomes the fortnight! Yahoo! Winning! Love your work, Angie.
    I had all but one of the list covered when labouring with the {little} Big Girl, but as circumstances would have it, when crunch time came, all that was available was my vagina ( even my awesome someone nearly missed it!) Maybe next time will be different? X
    I’m not a fan of creepy crawlies, so maybe a Ionmax ION612 dehumidifier is worth the investment?

  12. Fiona Denny

    Ooh I love the sounds of the Ionmax LTK2000 4-in-1 Relaxation Therapy Station altho I’m so tired at the moment I’d fall asleep to the annoying neighbour’s dogs barking but I’d take a product that ‘soothes all your senses’ any day! xx

  13. Neroli

    Iwell jet floss…. I am intrigued!

    Loving Birth Fortnight! xx

  14. Loreece Drane

    Love the Coway Water Purifier P-210N
    I never seem to Drink enough water but this would help.
    Loving the little mumma as always.

  15. Jane

    Coway Water Purifier P-210N
    I love to have my oil burner on but having no flame would be a lot safer around here with my 2 little fiddle finger boys 😉

  16. Lauren

    Iwell jetfloss!! That looks very fancy!!! Loving birth week! About to give birth to third bubba in five weeks so would LOVE this prize!!!

  17. Brooke Chook

    Alkaline Water Ionizer- KYK 30000 (Gold). Noice range of products! Great post too, Angie. I love your sense of humour, and hahaha….@ this > ”Try: to borrow someone else’s vagina for the birth if possible. Note: it’s not actually possible. Sorry.” You kill me!