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TLD 2.10

Dinner, that is.

Can you believe that my family sat down to another meal provided by a friend who thought I'd had a rough weekend and could use a break?

Because I can't. Except that I obviously can because that lasagne was reeeeeally good!

I don't know what I have done to deserve such kind and thoughtful gestures. Once again, this friend is someone I have known for only a year, as was the friend who dropped off the electrolyte icy poles, as was the friend who made me dinner last time my life went to shit. And then there is Pru who I had never actually met but came to know because she reads the blog.

I can't adequately express what the kindness of these women has meant to me. I am overwhelmed.

And inspired. I want to do good things. More good things. Unexpected things and kind things and so.many.things.

I want to start a revolution. Or, I should say, continue the one that these women have started by reaching out to me. Yep, it's definitely not my revolution but I'd like to help it proliferate.

How can I do that? I'm not sure yet. But until I figure it out, I hope you will read these words and be inspired to reach out to someone in your life. I guarantee a simple act that reminds them that you see them/hear them/acknowledge their place in your life, will make their day. 

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