Twenty Three Little Weeks

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23 Little Weeks

Love, love, love, love.

I mentioned the boys have been a little…challenging…this school holidays (note: we are currently on Day 2 of said holidays).

And yet, inbetween the screaming (me) and the crying (also me), is Harlow, the baby sent directly from heaven.

It's not because she sleeps right through the night (no, that has been replaced by at least one wake for feed each night) or that she sleeps until 9:30am (again, a distant memory – her alarm is now set to 6:45am most mornings) or that she never cries (at a recent – and rare! – afternoon party with friends, she cried almost constantly which killed the celebratory buzz somewhat).

No, she can command attention when required. But mostly, when the rest of the house is in absolute chaos, she remains the placid gem. It's almost like she knows I can only take so much shit at any one time and so adjusts her moods accordingly. Either that or she finds being spectator to family meltdown thoroughly fascinating.

Her laugh slays me. Her smile melts me. And even though she is getting way too heavy for it, we are still taking our showers together. My osteo shakes her head but even she would not be able to resist that skin to baby skin deliciousness. Baby Lo lies back in my arms like she's floating on a lilo in Hawaii. Flat out relaxed. 

My daughter is just…..awesome. She's an awesome little baby and I love her face off.


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  1. Kelly HTandT

    Aw, beautiful! I have 2 boys and a 6 month old baby girl and I’m kinda feeling the same. I think it’s partly because after 2 boys it’s nice to have a feminine presence in the house, but I think it’s mostly because she’s the 3rd baby and I know how quickly it passes, so I’ll continue to take her in the shower with me and carry her around in the bjorn, because I want to soak up these moments as long as possible, you know?

  2. Amanda @ mammajoy

    ‘Spectator to a family meltdown..’ !! Love it! I had my 2 girls first and they were cruzy babies, content. happy, not fussed. Put me there, or over there, pass me to this person, I just don’t care. (feel’n pretty cool ’cause that rhymes). I loved babies. Then I had my boys and it was all over. They weren’t as easy and things had to be just right. So maybe it’s a gender thing? Who knows. Can’t believe Harlow is growing so quickly. And yay! for showers with baby. It’s such a special sweet time for both of you, enjoy it xo


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