The Little Daily: Two Cute (Again)

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The Little Daily 27.8


Sometimes I look at my kids and think, Jesus H, Angie, those are some fine looking rugrats right there! 

I don't bother with modesty because fuck me, look at them! 

Also, I look at my head when I wake in the morning, and then I look at Bren's, and then we both look at the three creatures we spawned (middle child not shown here) and without words, we agree that we knocked it out of the park. These kids caught a gene-break big time.

On a side note, Harlow is looking more and more like her big brother, Luca. I've heard before that the first and third children will often look alike with the middle child being most different and this is certainly the case in this family.

But yeah, I do love looking at photos of my kids. Photos don't cry or wipe snot (deliberately!) on my clothes.  


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