The Little Daily: Flu Season

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The Little Daily 9.8
This charming shot was taken in November of 2010. I am reasonably sure I wasn't trying to capture the cough but I did a swell job of it anyway, dontcha think?

Ah, November 2010. I remember it….not a bit. But I see Luca still had 'the hair.'


So why am I sharing a photo of my son coughing? Because this has been a long winter and even though I think we have come off relatively unscathed in terms of illness, I am sick of coughing and snot all the same.

There's the whole thing of knowing your kid just has a cold but to what extent do you really want to subject other people to their snotty faces? If you kept your child home from school every time they had a sniffle, schools would be empty in the dead of winter.

And the kid who just has a regular cold and is forced to stay home is twelve kinds of nightmarish.

But still, I can't help but recoil in horror when I see other peoples kids walking around with snot-caked noses (and crusty sleeves).


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