Wordless Wednesday: Something Sweet

by | Mar 14, 2012 | Little Lady, Little Nursery | 1 comment

Nursery - Carpet-Free
I wish I could show you the carpet that used to be here. But I have an aversion to non-pretty things and couldn't bring myself to take a photo of it. Also, the room was full of shite. And clothes. Boxes and bags, brim-full with sweet little stuff that I can't quite picture myself dressing my child in.

Can it really be true?

At this point, I certainly hope so otherwise we are in a spot of trouble. Or our third son must learn to embrace pink….

So the nursery is now painted. But it's not ready. I can't show you. Yet.

I'm still trawling for stuff. And oh, the stuff I've been seeing!

I'm mad for handmade.

Take a look at some of the little beauties I've found….

Calamity BoltCalamity Bolt

I'm not normally a huge bunting fan – it's everywhere. But this? Is something special. I think the nursery needs it….


TigesandWeinceTiges and Weince

A sweet little pear. A hot air balloon print. I love it. In fact, I would take one of just about everything in this adorable little Made It store.


A sweet little collage that I look at and think, "I should give this a DIY go," and then laugh hysterically because some things should be left to the experts. Also see their sweet birdy mobiles. Swoon!


BeanBagsthe twin thing

Such a simple, sweet idea and perfect for baby. Pretty to look at and a wonderful tactile toy. I want!



What I love most? The colour palette. So refreshingly different for a little girl. Eeeep! I must own this!



Next Easter maybe? So in love with this adorable onesie and you should see the limited edition vintage-style dresses!


See? See? Too, too sweet!


I have so much more to share but the hour is late. So enjoy this sweetness hit and I'll be back with more adorable finds and nursery updates over the next few weeks.



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  1. Kelly K @ Dances with Chaos

    Did I miss something? I could’ve sworn you’d said you were going to have a boy?

    My mommy brain is getting worse.

    Those things are adorable.

    The latest thing with my daughter? Since it got warm and I put her in a dress (first time since late fall), all she wants to do is wear dresses.

    She says “I want pretty princess!” to mean “I want to wear a dress and will pitch a fit because most of the don’t fit and you won’t let me wear them anymore.”

    Time to go shopping. 🙂


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