Little Moments

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I heard them before I saw them. It's kind of their new thing. 

I wanted a photo but I wanted to take it without them knowing I was taking it.


Little Discoveries

So I set the camera to no flash and hoped there would be enough light. "Click!"



Definitely not enough light and now I've blown my cover. But despite the blurriness, I still love those first two shots. Stinkin' cute.


It's the Cock of the Rock. AGAIN.
I said something along the lines of, "Pretend I'm not here." and it is testimony to the power of Imagine by Alison Lester that they did just that. This is seriously their favourite book right now. It's handy that they both love the same one at the same time but the book itself, albeit brilliant, is kind of annoying to read because it could go on forever.

Every second page is a world the reader is invited to imagine being a part of – jungle, ocean, farm etc. – and the page is filled with illustrations of the animals you would find in that world. Flipping to the back of the book reveals a key that names every single animal on the page. ALL OF THEM. So the idea is that the boys take turns choosing an animal and then we flip to the back to discover what that animal is. We try to limit it to three animals each before turning to a new page. Otherwise, seriously, the book would never end.

Little Moment
On the jungle page, Ziggy chooses the same little bird every.single.time. And what is that bird called?


Yes, you read right. It's a Cock-of-the-rock.

Don't tell me that this two-year-old isn't fucking with us…..

Hello friends


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  1. Fran

    Lol love your boys!!! What a beautiful little sight to see too – ou have given them such a gift Angie xx

  2. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    They’re totally buddies, Fran. It’s seriously cute to behold. Until they start gouging eachothers eyeballs out. It’s really cute until then….

    But watching them together? Totally the best part of this gig.

  3. MJ

    There is nothing better than watching two little siblings, complicit in enjoying the same thing. Heartwarming stuff. And that book sounds great – may have to keep an eye out. Is it one that a 5 year old could read herself? Because if I have to sit through Hop on Pop being read to me one more time… oh god, I am awful.

    And loving that room! Is is their playroom? Love the colours – so cheerful.

  4. Rachael

    Oh, sibling love is just one of my favorite things ever! So cute!

  5. Tarnya

    What a sweet moment 🙂 We have (and love!) this book, but I have always hastily snapped it shut before my son sees those pages at the back. He’s two-and a half. I know, my days are numbered….


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