Little Family M-G Weekly Wrap-Up

by | May 22, 2011 | Little Family M-G Weekly Wrap-Up | 6 comments

What shaped the lives of the Little Family M-G this week?

B – studying, studying, working, working. The man is dedicated. But the single most impressive thing he did this week was cook dinner on Friday while I had a late afternoon nap. 

Angie – another week, another occasion to be out in the world and realise you have snot streaks all over the shoulder of your black top. Excellent.

LD – this was the week of the bandaid. I was preparing dinner (but not on Friday – yip!) and LD wanted to help. He wanted to peel potatoes and I wanted him to quit talking to me so despite knowing full well that peelers in the wrong hands are actually instruments of self-harm, I let him do it. He peeled quite happily for some time. I did what I needed to do. He made some funny little noises about a hurty. I looked over and saw his haphazardly peeled potato was now streaked with blood. Voila! – the week of the bandaid. 

Zee – Equal parts adorable and annoying. Fell off the same chair THREE times despite being told THREE THOUSAND times not to climb up on it. Chairs have now been rationed – Daddy has removed all but two from the living area. Sadly, two chairs are more than enough for Zee to climb up on and subsequently, fall off. Also, throws things over the side of the change table. On the up side, makes a really cute "uh-oh!" sound when he does it.

Best day: definitely Saturday. A four-year-old birthday party extravaganza of fun. Who knew?

Weekly Family Portrait time. Did we take one of all four of us? Ahahaha! You're funny.

Family Portrait #8
At the park. 


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  1. Crystal

    Se, cute picture of the kids. Parenting can be so overwhelming at times, and I think we often let them do things they aren’t quite ready for, but we never know when our kids will surprise us and be good at something younger than we think. We have to let them try sometimes.

    Mini-Me was a climber, too. I think she would have scaled the walls if she could have figures out how. Seems like I was always either pulling her off something or she was sneaking and then falling off something.

    Great post! Grats on getting dinner cooked by someone else!

  2. Madeleine

    The chairs! I know your pain, completely. I am so over the climbing, I really am. But I have an idea this is just the beginning…

  3. Ladybird

    By the time you have your third honey – you let them run with scissors, just so you can take a dump in peace. xx

  4. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Thank you, Crystal. 🙂

    Yes, we have to let them try. But my goodness me, letting them try is very trying!


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