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I thought I should check in with you guyz and give you an idea of where my head is currently at. Sometimes I have a tendency to just drop out of here for a while. I know you understand that it's because life is busy. Hell, most of you probably don't even notice I'm gone because you're so busy. But here's a quick rundown of nothing in particular.


1. What Am I Even Doing Here?

So I began the month spectacularly committed to blogging every day with Clairey Hewitt and then dipped out at around the Day 5 mark. Yeah, well, we all saw that coming.

But it tipped me into a kind of blogging crisis where I was all like, "What's the point?" and "Who cares what I have to say?" and "Why are we even in this universe?" And then I couldn't stop thinking about making chocolate slice and so I made one and it made me happy.

But the crisis remains.

I don't want to rah rah on about this for too long because blogging about blogging is kind of like inspecting your belly button lint in public. It's not like I want you all to crowd around me and beg me not to close down The Little Mumma. Unless you really want to.

But the major point is this: blogging demands a lot of my time and when I'm fuzzy about exactly where I want this blog to go, I have to question the time I dedicate to it. So I'm just working out what I really want as a writer and how blogging relates to the progression of my career. At the moment, there's no clear path so I'm feeling emo. Don't worry, I'll just write my way through it and see what happens.


2. Talk To Me

So you may have noticed that I changed the commenting system here to Disqus. Has that annoyed you? If it has, you're not going to tell me here because you're too annoyed to join Disqus and use it. But the reason I changed was because it will alert you (via email) any time I respond to one of your comments. This is particularly important to me because sometimes I take forever to respond. This way, no matter how long I take, I can be certain you know I have read and responded to your comment. I always want to acknowledge comments  and this system allows me to do that. 

Joining is as simple as typing user name, email and password. Once logged in, your details should automatically come up whenever you read a blog that uses Disqus. 

Anyhoo, if you wanted to register and have a chat with me every now and then, I would love that. 


3. Winning!

I have three winners to announce. Drum roll please:

Phillip Island 3 Park Family Pass:

Bec | Mumma Tells • 

Gorgeous Angie. It looks like those babes of yours we're go go going the whole day! And what a sneaky Hemsworth brother. How dare he sneak in here and ruin… ahem,,, A great post!
Now a tip. Right? Take the Ergo for the baby. Sleeping, feeding, loving, breathing on the move. Actually, this doubles as a life tip. Take the Ergo everywhere. Attach it to you. Then you can keep on keeping on. I'm tired. And a little crazy. But I'm wearing my Ergo right now…

The Book Thief DVDs: 

Charlotte • 

Forrest Gump… just adore that film and Tom Hanks is so perfect! Thanks for the chance, I'm about to read the Book Thief so would love to have the dvd to watch afterwards 🙂

MischiefMaker • 

Mine would be The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I LOVED the book series and I thought the movie was great. Actually hanging for the last book and the next movie installment 🙂

Congratulations. I will be emailing you all shortly!

Just remember when entering comps to make sure you have fulfilled all the conditions of entry – if winners selected (via random number generation) have not done so, the winner will be drawn again. Thank you. 🙂


4. Crisis #2

Chop Chop!

Is it time to cut my hair? Years of bleaching and torture take their toll, ya know, and I think it's time to lose some serious inches. And then I'n going to grow them back again for a wedding…which might be mine….so that the ends will be healthier for the hypothetical bride in the hypothetical wedding….yes, I'm not married yet….and thank god because if we'd gotten married back in 2006 when we got engaged, there wouldn't have been Pinterest….. #rusticwedding #fairylights #masonjars #fuckyeah


5. And finally….

Can we talk about Melbourne's weather for the last week or so?? Every day hovering in the low 20's. Yep, I know, Queenslanders are laughing into their pina coladas but it has just been heaven around here. Open-toed shoes and everything! IN MAY! Thank you, baby Jesus. If this is global warming, maybe I'm okay with it….*


Okay, that's the end of this transmission. Thanks for sticking around – for this pointless post and just in general. I am going to write and write and write until I figure this stuff out and I hope I manage to entertain you along the way.


* I'm not really okay with it.


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