A Little Peek in Harlow’s Nursery

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So I've been meaning to show you Harlow's nursery for a while now. You might recall how excited I was to decorate a space for a girl. I was really excited.

Let me take you back. We had moved into The Oldest House in the World on the strength of charming vintage wallpaper. Turns out vintage wallpaper doesn't negate stinky old carpet or a serious lack of storage. Live and learn.

Anyhoo, I knew we had to stick it out here for the duration of Bren's engineering degree so we did what we could; ripped up carpets, painted floorboards white and tried to complement the retro vibe of the place. The bathroom is still too fucking small and I want a dishwasher goddammit but otherwise, we've made the best of an old situation.

But my favourite room in the house has always been Harlow's. Well before she was even conceived, I dreamt about what her nursery might look like, a Frenchy themed space inspired by the incredible vintage wallpaper. 

Of course, I had grand ideas but a very limited budget. The room came together mostly through a combination of Pinterest DIYs, eBay bargains and Target staples.

Harlow's room is STILL my favourite space in this tiny old house. For her room alone, I will be sad to leave this place. I've been dying to show you how it turned out since early 2012. 

But then Harlow arrived and life with three kids kicked my mothering butt. Hard.

I STILL haven't finished her birth story.

My daughter is turning two in a few short months. Hold me.

So when Target asked me to head instore and shop for baby goods, I thought, Great! I can tie this in with the nursery post I've been meaning to write for 21 MONTHS.

Except if your kid is a walking, talking toddler, is it even called a nursery anymore?

Whatever you call it, here is a little glimpse at some of my favourite bits of Harlow's room with some new additions from Target. 







HN 11

HN 8


HN 10

HN 9

HN 13

HN 12

 My favourite new acquisition from Target is the gorgeous pink cotton cable knit blanket from their Mockingbird range. At 120 x 160 cms, it's absolutely huge and will continue to be useful as a spare blanket when Harlow transitions to a single bed. You can find it on sale here. It also comes in blue.

And in keeping with my quest to do A Little More, I asked Target to supply an extra giftcard so that I could go shopping for baby goods to donate to St Kilda Mums.

Here's my haul;

For St Kilda Mums

 Find them online: 2.  3. 4. 5. 6. The fox and owl quilt sets are reduced to $20 – love!

Alas, I could not find 1 online but there's a dinosaur puzzle from the same range here


To score some bargains, head into Target for their Everything for Baby sale starting January 30.


Disclosure: I shopped for me and I shopped for St Kilda Mums all on Target's dime. A big thank you to them for helping support me and SKM – I am so excited to deliver these goodies. 

And also, a sorry: my camera is bugging out so apologies if these photos gave you a headache – you can blame Harlow who may or may not have dropped my DSLR and may or may not have fucked the focus. Babies! 

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  1. Sally

    I love it. And she has her Fairy Tale for Hope print hanging – super special. On to more important matters – when are you having me over, woman? x

  2. Vicki @ Knocked Up & Abroad

    I have been meaning to do a nursery post toooo! But in truth Baby Vick is 7 months old and I’m still setting it up!
    I do like this little girls room very much. I dream of having one of them too. That wall paper is vintage divine-ness and I am crazy for the pom pom tree.
    I have the cloud rug too in the turquoise but I certainly didn’t pay $20 for it. I’m currently trying to find a reason to buy another one…. enjoy the space luv. You certainly waited for that space to eventuate and soon she’ll be bossin’ you about how the space is going to be decorated.

  3. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Yeah, I don’t think Harlow’s room was complete for a good while after she was born. I suppose I was busy??

    I have waited a life time for this space! Am definitely enjoying it and a little bit nervous about the kid ruining my grand visions but then again, excited to see her little personality evolve and reflect in her bedroom over the years. Livin’ the dream, really. xx

  4. Greta

    Is that the vintage wallpaper? It’s gorgeous! ANd I LOVE those basket things with the stuffed animal and doll in them. Whata lovely room. (And when did she get so BIG?!)

  5. Madeleine

    Love! It really is gorgeous, and you are super clever. It’s like something Bleubird would’ve done back in the good old days, before she went all stark and minimalist 😉

  6. Kylie Catterick

    Gorgeous! Now, be honest, how often does it actually look like that??? 😉

  7. Baji

    You are sooo creative. The room is so relaxing for the baby.


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