A Letter from Santa with a giving twist

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I’ve been thinking a lot about stuff. Things we accumulate. Things we think we need. I like to buy
stuff, get stuff, hoard stuff. I know this about myself.

But since becoming a mother, the accumulation of stuff has
hit crisis point. Three children add a whole other dimension of stuff to buy,
get and hoard.

And it is making me sick. Really and actually weighing me
down, physically and mentally.

Christmas is peak season for stuff. It has taken me a few years and a few children to realise
that at just 6 years, 3 years and 18 months old, my children already have too
much. And I didn’t like what the present frenzy was doing to them. I didn’t
like how it made them behave.

The message of Christmas has been completely drowned out by
the tearing of wrapping paper.

It’s time to change the message.

Santa’s Little Elves is one unique way to start the ball

Though not the first to offer personalised letters from
Santa, Santa’s Little Elves introduce the concept of giving into the mix rather
than focusing solely on ‘being good’ which can often be an abstract concept for
little kids or something that’s quite difficult for them to achieve. In place
of this, Santa invites the child to become one of ‘Santa’s Little Elves’ by
participating in The Spirit of Christmas.

When ordering a letter, as well as giving pieces of
information to personalise  Santa’s
message, you can also choose what type of giving activity you want your child
to do. Buying a gift for a Christmas Wishing Tree, donating a toy of their own
to charity or maybe donating old blankets to the RSPCA, the options are
endless. Just choose the activity that you believe will resonate most with your

I think this concept is brilliant for the simple fact that
kids love the opportunity to do
things. Every day I have to remind myself to let them butter their own bread if
they ask because when I stand back and let them do it themselves, the sense of
accomplishment that radiates from them is incredible. And Santa’s Little Elves
help them to discover what a wonderful feeling it is to be in the driver’s seat
of giving to others.  

Along with the letter from Santa is included a sticker for
the child to proudly wear and a Christmas ornament to hang on the tree once
they have completed their giving activity. It’s a simple way to give purpose
and meaning to this season that can so quickly descend into “what’s in it for

I think if we give our children a way to do better, they can
and they will. And they’ll love it.

And in keeping with the message they promote via their Santa
letters, the people at Santa’s Little Elves donate a portion of proceeds from every
letter to their local charity, Cystic Fibrosis, Qld.

I want my children to know they are lucky. I want them to
know that there are people less fortunate than them. I want them to experience
what a powerful feeling it is to help make a change, however small, in another
person’s life. Just the other day, Luca asked me, “What’s Christmas spirit,

I talked about giving and I talked about family. And I
thanked the universe for that little invitation to start changing the message.


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 Win a Personalised Letter from Santa

The lovely people at Santa’s Little Elves are giving one
reader the opportunity to win a personalised Santa letter (valued at $12). But
what if you have three kids? Well, then, you win one for each of them! It’s
possible that if the winner has 13 kids, Santa’s Little Elves may never speak
to me again, but hey, these are the instructions I have been given so who am I
to argue?

To enter, simply tell me in the comments below which giving
activity you would choose for your kids.

Terms & Conditions

  • This competition is open to residents within Australia only and
    is a game of chance.
  • The winner can claim a letter for every child in their immediate family – sorry, no grandchildren.
  • Entries close on Monday 18 November 2013 at midnight AEDT.
  • The winner will be drawn randomly and announced on the blog on
    Tuesday 19 November 2013.
  • The winner must make contact via email within 5 days or another
    winner will be drawn.   

Good luck!



Readers of The Little Mumma can get $1 off each letter ordered by using the promo code giving during checkout. Make sure you hit 'Apply changes' to see the discount reflected in your total. This offer also extends to Official Nice List Certificates which are new on the site.

Disclaimer: This post was
generously sponsored by Santa’s Little Elves. Thank you for supporting the
sponsors who help make The Little Mumma blog possible.   


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  1. Vicki @ Knocked Up & Abroad

    I find the giving thing addicted at Xmas so I love transferring that onto my little people. We’ve already done The Samaritans purse boxes but next I’d choose Banjo to give to the Wishing Tree this Xmas x

  2. Linda cherry

    Hello I have eight beautiful and very lucky grandchildren, and if winning this completion I would like them to donate some of their pocket/ birthday monies to the kids affected by the disaster in the Philippines , we are all so lucky living where we live..

  3. Kylie

    I introduced my two children to giving to others at Christmas from a very young age with them both picking a present to put under the wishing tree each year. This year I would like to further instill in them that to see others less fortunate benefit is a bigger gift than any toy they could possibly want for themselves. They have been watching the news in horror of the Philipines disaster and we would like to donate to a charity involved with this.

  4. Rachel

    What a beautiful idea. I am so doing this with my 2 children this year. I think giving a gift via the wishing tree is what we will do. Thank you for this post

  5. Karen T

    “And it is making me sick. Really and actually weighing me down, physically and mentally. ” YES! I want to give away most of our stuff and be minimal….. it is driving me insane! I want to cull and organise, but my kids seem to want me all the time…. 😉

    I think we would do the wishing tree and I would like to find some way to help a refugee group somehow… bro works for Red Cross, so he should be able to help me with that!

    K xx

  6. Di

    Giving of themselves wherever and whenever possible. Be it sharing a toy or a book, knowledge to help, aid or assist someone else, offering to share food and or drinks with visitors. The list is endless, I would like them to grow up being giving, sharing individuals on an emotional and physical level if that makes sense!

  7. Virginia

    I really love this idea. I truly hope my kids grow up realising how important and special it is to give. This year my kids will choose a gift each to put under the wishing tree and we will also contribute a few things to put into Christmas hampers for Heartkids families who are spending Christmas in the Royal Children’s Hospital instead of home with friends and family.

  8. Alisia Cameron

    We have a ‘one in, one out’ policy – for each present that comes in, my girls donate that many of their own older toys to charity for children who may not have got any presents under the tree.

  9. Mummalove

    I have spoken to a lot of mums with kids about our age who are feeling the same way this year, so a very well timed post and great idea Angie! I certainly have been feeling sick at the thought of so much ‘stuff’ accumulating in our house. As many people have generously given Sam so many gifts over the past few months, we decided to start collecting gifts for the kids at the hospital instead – as incentives when they’re having a tough time with treatment. So far, we’ve taken up eight bags of little gifts. I’m keen to introduce the Wishing Tree to my kids too. Will definitely organise these letters for the kids even if we don’t win…very happy to help CF Qld too – such a great cause xx

  10. Mums Lounge

    I completely agree with you. Christmas isnt about receiving its about giving. One year my children really disheartened me by not being grateful for the presents they had received. So I took them to a soup kitchen and got them to help me out. Since then they have realised the gift of giving. Everything they have ever received they are so gracious. It was one of the best thing I have one. Thank you for your post.


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