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We have finally booked in a date to baptise Harlow – on the day she turns 11 months old. And thank the sweet Jesus for that because everyone knows unsaved babies start trucking with the devil just before their first birthday. 

It feels important to mention here that we are not a religious family. At all. Luca pronounces the Heavenly Father's name "Gawwwd" – which, naturally, I love. But both Bren and I were baptised Catholic and so it seemed like we were upholding a tradition more than anything when we decided to have the kids baptised, too.

Mostly, it's a day to celebrate our little people and to formally announce their godparents, each of whom we chose with utmost care for each of the kids. Case in point – Harlow's godmother is pretty much THE fashion buyer for one of the biggest retail companies in Australia. She has unrivalled access to things like SHOES. Harlow can thank me later.

I like to plan an event. And then, once the event has been a success and begins to wind down, I like to have a panic attack. Hahaha – no, I'm kidding. I don't like to have panic attacks at all.

But I did – at both previous baptisms.

So this time around, I am trying to be low-key. Or would you believe, lower-key. I'm thinking rustic tea party vibe – vintagey, cupcakey heaven. I'm making fabric pom poms. You know, pretty but unpolished. 

I am working out what jobs will be DIY and what I need to outsource for sanity's sake. At this point, the pom poms are me, the cupcakes are not. I'll make some pink lemonade but someone else can make the food. 

My priest of choice, the wonderful Father Bob (who baptised me many moons ago), has been very difficult to get a hold of now that he is without a church but he has agreed to perform the dunking in our back yard so I really hope this will make for a much simpler, less stressful event for me. Apart from the cleaning. The cleaning will suck.

In order to bring the ideas in my head into a beautiful event reality, I have put together a Baptism board on Pinterest – of course I have. Here are a couple of my inspirations thus far….



Source: via Angie on Pinterest





 If none of the other ideas come together, I'll settle for a tower of those cupcakes. I'd like to take a bath in the icing.

And while I'm busy planning a "Pinterest Party", read this article by a woman who is clearly NOT seduced by doilies and hot glue projects. 

Do you love a bit of event planning or do you keep it simple?


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  1. Janeo

    I’m planning Ally’s at the moment eeekkkkkkk sooooooo much fun NOT!!!!! We have managed already to keeper it smaller then Lila’s guest list is halved to Lila’s 🙂 !!!! Planning the cake at the moment but also doing cupcakes cos the girl i work with makes SUPER YUMMY ones so im paying her to make some 🙂 !!! Have fun can’t wait to see photos… HOw is the dress finding going??

  2. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    There are too many choices with the dress, Jane! I’m finding it hard to choose. I want them all. 🙂

    Good luck with little Ally’s big day. xxx

  3. Jackie

    I think even if you only have those cupcake the day will be a total success! OMG YUM!

  4. Mummalove

    I’m a very low-key-party kinda girl. I love the concept of all the beautiful stuff I can create ala Pinterest, but I know that for the sake of everyone’s sanity (mostly mine) I am much better off keeping it simple, outsourcing everything I can and actually enjoying the whole event. Your Pinterest inspiration looks beautiful so far, but I’ve no doubt it will be a gorgeous family celebration, however it looks on the outside x

  5. Madeleine

    Ah… you know me and event planning. The two never meet, and I am low-key ALL the way. However, I adore your visions for Harlow’s big day, and can’t wait to see the photos. I have no doubt you will do an amazing job. xx


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