Twenty Nine Little Weeks

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29 Weeks


29 weeks old and cuter by the minute, no?

This little pink bodysuit has been folded away in a box and waiting patiently…..for years. A treasure trove of clothes for the daughter I was worried I had planned for in vain – one by one, she is wearing and – sob! – outgrowing them all.

Harlow Rose – you are real! And really gorgeous. 

Eating rice cereal, rolling back and forth, and bah bah bah-ing like nobody's business – it is safe to say that my tiny baby is changing. 

At six and a half months old, Lo is just beginning to reveal her personality and it fascinates me to watch it unfold. For now, she is still a sweet and cruisey little girl. The madness of life with two older brothers doesn't seem to faze her. The noise, the chaos – she seems to prefer to be in the middle of it all. And she especially likes to sit in her rocker in the backyard and watch the world around her. 

She thinks her big brother, Luca, is hilarious, loves kicking in the bath and sleeps best tucked up next to her mumma.

Her mumma, it should be noted, sleeps best when ALL the children sleep in their OWN beds.

But these days are fleeting.

And precious.


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  1. Kelly HTandT

    They are SO fleeting, aren’t they? It’s heartbreaking. And she is indeed incredibly gorgeous.
    I know what you mean, I had planned for a daughter, my 2 boys came and I wondered if I’d go through life being the mother of boys (not that there is anything wrong with that). Now that she’s here she just keeps growing and growing and all of the pretty little things are being packed away again. Sigh.

  2. Greta

    Ha! Yes, I agree. Sleep is best when done with some SPACE. But you’re absolutely right….time is fleeting. And Harlow is a DOLL.

  3. Madeleine

    Little poppet! She reminds me a lot of Luca at this age – gorgeous. x


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