Feeding Little Faces

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So like I said in my post yesterday, I never do these reviews.

But the thing is, my kids annoy me.

They are grazers and what that ultimately means for me is I need to be constantly feeding them.

Trying to ignore them doesn't work. They will swing off the pantry doors, crying about being "soooo hungry" or bring me a box of cornflour and become hysterical when I refuse to open it.

Like I said, annoying.

In desperation, they have been fed stuff that I am not proud of.

But in my defense, was it really common knowledge that 'marshmallows' was not a major food group?

I am constantly printing out 'Healthy Snack Ideas!" recipes and then filing them away for a 'baking day' that never comes.

Shut up. I'm pregnant.

So anyway, when I stumble across a foodstuff that the kids like and that does NOT come in a cardboard box of 'happiness', I am overjoyed.

Enter, Bakers Delight and the Cheesymite Scroll.

Let's see what Zig had to say about them.

 BD Collage

In some weird co-incidence, when the Cheesymites arrived for me to review, I had been baking. And so Luca, in a moment of adorable loyalty, has chosen to eat my blueberry muffin instead of the scroll. No matter. Two kids fed = two kids blissfully quiet for a time.

When I checked out their website, I noticed they also do a wholemeal version which is kind of cool because we're a brown bread household here.

If you wanna try the Cheesymites for yourself, Bakers Delight are giving them away free on Australia Day (Jan 26th). Just head instore to check it out.

I also have 4 vouchers to give away.

Admittedly, you won't be able to trade the voucher for your very own franchise but you will be able to score $5 worth of bready goodness which, as we teeter on the edge of global financial ruin (again), is better than a kick in the arse.

Leave a comment below with your go-to food when your kids hit the 'serious whinge' button to be in the running (here or my Facebook page).

NB/ The go-to food thing is more about me than the competition so seriously, pony up. I'm desperate.

Competition closes Sunday 29th January at midnight (EST) and is open to Australian residents only. Winners will be randomly drawn and then announced…you know, some time after that…… Let's lock in Tuesday 31st.


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  1. Bron

    I’ve been saved by Bakers Delight foods as well. Conner’s diet restrictions mean that when he wants food when out I’ve got to be careful. I always know that a “puit bun” will do the trick and no dairy or egg.

    My kids are grazers as well. Just today they’ve had a banana, orange, grapes and apple each…and lunch. And snakes and a lollipop (very special event…conner did a poo in the potty. Warrants a lollipop) and a couple of sakata bisuits.

    Meanwhile mummy ate a packet of tim tams. I’m going to hide in shame!!!!

  2. MJ

    You have no idea how much I miss Bakers Delight! That P has never known Cheesymite Scrolls (a regular treat for her big sis back in the day)? A travesty. We were big fans of the wholemeal ones. Nothing like ’em here *sad face*

  3. E

    Love a good cheesymite scroll!

    Our go to food is also a bakery product – it’s my old friend the ‘party pie’. It’s a snack, it’s a meal, it’s a freaking life saver!

    When we sold our car and I took the car seats out it looked like some giant with dandruff issues had slept back there – so much flakey pastry! There’s a serious no food policy with the new car now ( until they start that alternate whine/cry/squeal………)

  4. Ange Smith

    Yayas….I have no bloody idea WHY he calls them yayas. Dried cranberries. He LOVES them and will sit quietly and delicately pick them out of a tiny cup one at a time. I also like to feed him blue jelly snakes and take him to the mirror. He’s 2 and a half. These things are damn exciting right now!

  5. Brooke Chook

    I have grazers too! Very annoying! Cherry tomatoes and strawberries are a hit here.

    Mmm soooo craving a cheeseymite scroll now! Free you say? Awesome. Love free stuff.

  6. Bilby

    Hmmm… my daughter likes La Vache Qui Rit (aka The Laughing Cow cheese). But she always asks for La Vache Qui Rit since my Mum taught her the words! Seriously, making some kind of platter of food seems to work a treat here – a selection of things they can pick and choose from, and then it plonked in between them on the couch whilst I flick on a DVD. SILENCE. Usually I’ll put out cheese, ham, dried fruit, fresh fruit, crackers/pretzels, cashews… you could do just about whatever you fancied really, cut up veggies, little mini muffins/pikelets, a few cheerios (hey, fibre!!), egg slices… any old thing really. I find that my two seem to be open to eating the healthy stuff if it’s set out this way, and they can choose and just graze whilst watching the idiot box.

    That said, if I’m too stuffed to be arsed cutting up a stack of things and I open the cupboard and find a biscuit? Sure. Take it…!!

  7. Dani

    well there you go, I didnt know they made wholemeal cheesymite ones. I have a little girl who also likes to graze, which is why I always have to make sure the fruit it stocked up, because she is a fruit-a-holic, so happy about that. Or she asks for a jam sandwich (sometimes with sprinkles as well (some sugar is good right?! lol) I also occassionally do some baking which I love but with “back issues” don’t enjoy so much at the moment. I wish my princess liked Bakers delight, they do have some yummy treats, but she doesn’t 🙁


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