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Let's face it, I am completely and utterly obsessed with our new reality.

A daughter!

Bren and I keep looking at one another and just grinning.

It's a strange feeling, getting everything you were hoping for.

Wonderful but really, really strange. As though you don't quite deserve it.

Of course, my mother is reading this and nodding to herself, thinking, "Oh, you deserve it, alright. When this little girl hits the teen years, you will sooooo deserve it."

Which is rude of her but that's Betty for you.

And also, it's made me more appreciative of my sons. It's quite common for mothers of girls to say that they'd be more than happy to only have daughters. I have many friends who have said just that. And I suspect if I had only had girls, I might have thought the same. But only those mothers who have held a tiny boy aloft and called him 'son' will know what that connection is like.

But the same is true of a daughter. It's a profound connection. Subtly different in some respects and like a sledgehammer of uniqueness in others.

I can not express adequately what it means to me that I will be blessed to know the beauty of both connections.

Both Bren and I are so filled with gratitude.

Sitting at the dinner table the other evening, playing music on the computer as we ate, I selected the below song to play;


 I just sat and howled into my tacos.

Then I played this;


That was when Bren ordered me to stop playing daughter songs because my hysterical sobbing was frightening the children.

I can not believe this dream is coming true.

This little family Bren and I are creating? I could not have planned it more perfectly.

I am so in awe of the beauty this universe has provided for us.

And also, the shopping? Is to fucking die for.

Hello friends


I’m Angie!  I mum. I write. I wife. My husband would say this is the correct order.  He’s so neeeedy. I live with my family in Melbourne, Australia, where I complain about the weather for 90% of the year – but I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Except maybe in Lake Como, waving to my neighbours George and Amal each morning.

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  1. MJ

    Loudon Wainwright’s song is just so, so beautiful. It’s perfect, it sums up so much, and I’m so incredibly happy that you’ll be experiencing these joys too. x

  2. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    It’s spot on, isn’t it? It makes me think of Bren with a tiny baby daughter and I just lose it!

    Have you seen Knocked Up? That’s where I discovered it. Amazing song.

  3. Tash

    I love hearing about your Daughter.xx When we had our Ultrasound for Paige Tim went back to work & a song came on in the car that had the lyrics “We had a little girl” & he said he bawled his eyes out. He just recently told me this.

    I can’t wait to hear more & see lots of pics of all your shopping. Girls clothes shopping rocks!

  4. MJ

    Knocked Up gave me a very good giggle when I saw it. The whole pregnancy/birth deal was still quite raw at the time.

    I thought the song sounded familiar!

    As for the Mumma’s Boy relationship… just wait until you watch the Daddy’s Little Girl love affair bloom. There is nothing sweeter.

  5. Dan

    The best thing ever. Wait for the moment this doll is in your arms xx

  6. Lisa

    “little Ray of Sunshine”. Is our song we played when our daughter was born, and it still makes us both howl to this day. Love it! Played your link just now and my husband teared up! Bless x

  7. Rae

    Awwww – see now i cry. Not just because i completely understand the wonder and blessedness when you are given a daughter, but also because i truly grasp the amazement and shock when you are suddenly blessed with one of the opposite sex. Completely life-changing! Absolutely humbling. Life as we ‘knew’ it changed 100% – and we LOVED it (without even knowing that we would feel such a way)!

    And then – yep i cry again. Because ‘A Little Ray of Sunshine’ is sooooo my song. I detest my name, but i every time i hear this song i get all misty-eyed and proud. My parents have always told me this song was a huge influence in calling me ‘Rae’. And as much as i hate it, i listen to the words and i do in fact LOVE it. Amazingly gorgeous song.

  8. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Daddys and daughters? So gorgeous. Love that Tim told you this story.

    I am planning many posts about all the shopping!

  9. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    I totally thought of you as I was writing this, honey, knowing that your little man had changed your life in ways that were impossible to explain to you before you had a son.

    And that song ALWAYS reminds me of you. So very fitting. I imagine holding baby Rae for the first time was something to behold.


  10. traceyb65

    enjoy the shopping for the first 18 months … until she gets old enough to tell you EXACTLY what she thinks she should be wearing! having ‘one of each’ is a lot of work but knowing i need never wonder makes it (mostly) worthwhile. xt

  11. Fiona Denny

    Your happiness, excitement, joy and absolute bursting with love for your little growing girl just radiates through your words and warms my heart!! I love reading your excitement!! To support your new addiction I just wanted to throw some more shopping pages at you, look them up on facey.. firstly ‘chook leaf’ these shoes are just gorgeous and I am a lil biased as it’s my cousin’s business – my spunky boy just stocked up on 2 new pairs but my god the little girl shoes are just to die for and I might add that a young Suri Cruise (or is that iPhone Suri) has been photographed wearing them – uh huh! Secondly ‘Small White Bird’ makes the most divine clothes and of course the girly clothes are cute as!! xxx

  12. Jess

    Awww what a beautiful post. You are just radiating joy 🙂 so very happy for you ange!!

  13. Tina

    I am crying again of course and so happy for you both and for Luca and Zig as they will get to experience the joy of a little sister. Of course,as daughters, you and I have experienced that special bond with dad and now your little girl will have the wonderful Bren and I can’t imagine a better daddy for her. You, on the other hand will have the girly clothes, music, movies,little confidences that daddy never gets told and doesn’t need to know and then sharing the joy when your little girl becomes a mum.It is the most wonderful journey and I love you all so much (and I’m crying again)

  14. Kylie

    Your howling is infectious! OK maybe I’m not howling but the tears of joy for you and family are definitely flowing! I had a little girl first but with 5 other grand-daughters in the family, I don’t think anyone ever thought there would be any boys. The day we found out (and he totally showed off in the ultrasound) was absolutely amazing! Both “daughter” and “son” are beautiful words when they roll off your tongue! 🙂

  15. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    They really are. I never get tired of saying either!

    This little girl will be the first granddaughter for my mum who has four grandsons. Well, she actually has lots more beloved grandkids, girls and boys, through a second marriage but I think when your daughter has a daughter, it’s a bit different.

  16. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Bren says he always wished he had a sister and is so pleased that Luca and Zig will.

    I think people assume maybe it was me who had my heart set on a little girl – and yes, I did – but Bren’s heart felt just the same. And thank god, she was in our destiny afterall.

    Can’t wait to be the mum of a little girl! A rich and complete family picture.

  17. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Wow! Suri wears them? Baby M-G #3 NEEDS them.

    Off to check it out.

    Thanks, Fiona!

  18. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Oh yes! I know I was painful about choosing my own clothes from a very early age. Eeek!

  19. Rachael

    Ooh, how exciting! I have 2 boys, and am totally jealous of the shopping you get to do now.


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