A Little Space For A Little Lady

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I have been trawling the net and haunting Pinterest gathering up creative inspiration for the Little Lady's nursery.

If I'd had a girl first, I am pretty certain her nursery would have been very girly and matchy. Now don't get me wrong, I still think those nurseries are gorgeous but my aesthetic has changed over time.

What I am currently envisioning is a vintage feel. White furniture, a mish mash of art, fabric and textures. A bit whimsical, a bit Frenchy maybe?

And as much as I love them, there probably won't be any butterflies or fairies.

Luca has a space theme, Zig has robots. The Little Lady has no theme – just pieces that I fall in love with.

It's actually a bit exciting this way, watching her little space grow organically.

Actually, I do have a bit of a crush on all things hot air balloon.

I found these on Made It.

Hot Air BalloonHot Air Balloon by Gifts Created

Hot Air Balloons PrintHot Air Balloons Print by Kathy Panton

And here's some Pinterest inspiration…..

So pretty{Source}


Floral {Source}


And just because it's hilarious…

 Hmmm, no.{Source}

So many more I could share but the hour is late.

This? Is sooooo much fun!


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  1. Greta

    Ack! I LOVED picking out things for the nurseries!! I also had a chandelier for my second daughter’s room. So cute. And I love that tree in the corner! And the hot air balloons. Have fun!!

  2. Ali

    I LOVE them all Angie!!! Let your inner little girl free and go crazy decorating your little princesses room xx

    That carriage is curazzzzyyyyy, a little girls fantasy room I think!!!!

  3. Kylie

    Dragonflies? They’re my “thing” at the moment! 🙂


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