Not getting my hopes up but….

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…aside from the incredi-balls psychic prediction, you should know that every other 'test' I have completed indicates that the baby currently demanding fried chicken from the womb has, in fact, got girl bits.

For instance, the Ancient Chinese Gender Chart predicts GIRL. How can a billion Chinese people be wrong?*

Also, according to Old Wives Tales, PINK BITS! And if you can't trust old wives, then what is there left to believe in?

I would put my wedding ring on a piece of string but *sob*, I ain't done got hitched yet.

And then there is the fact that the sonographer at my 12 week ultrasound scan declined to take a guess at the sex of bebe. Now this is not an unusual position for a sonographer to take because technically, 12 weeks is too early to give a definitive answer on gender. But when I was pregnant with Zee, the same sonographer begrudgingly admitted that he thought with around a 70% degree of certainty, that our second child was indeed a boy. This time, he said it just wasn't glaringly obvious the way it had been with Zee. Which could mean it's a girl, he said, but I'm not willing to say either way.

Of course, the worst part about sharing the above is that, if in 6 weeks time the baby is revealed to be a precious son, you're all going to think he has a tiny twink. Is there no dignity left in this world?  

Okay, enough! This speculation must cease. The baby is what it is and ain't nothing going to change that now. So stop with your crazy theories and schemes and just keep eating ice-cream. Because the baby loves it.


* Totally stole that line from the movie, The Lost Boys


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  1. Ashlee

    EEEEP The chart says girl for me too, it was right with my son, so here’s hoping!

  2. JANEO

    All the charts said girl for me Angie and they were right i though she was a boy as you well know 🙂 !!! EEEEEEEKKKKKKK i can’t wait to make this baby girl a gorgeous dress 🙂 !!!

  3. melbo

    Starting to feel a little sick with anticipation here …

  4. Megan -Best of Fates

    Hahaha – okay, now I kind of want it to be a boy, ’cause it seems like that post’ll be hilarious!

  5. MJ

    If it turns out blue, it’s going to have one helluva complex!

    The Chinese Gender Charts predicted girls for me. It’s all good fun, right?

    Dying to know. DYING.


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