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I spend too much time on social media, it's true. But I rationalise the hours and hours I spend using it by calling it 'work.' And I do use it mainly to find new readers and chat with existing ones and build communities –  stuff that's vital when you write/blog/want to sell books some day.

I definitely use Facebook as my main mode of social media communication but Instagram is probably my favourite space to hang out. I have a chronic issue with going balls-deep into a stranger's Insta. If I ever suffer a heart attack, it'll be because I accidentally hearted a pic someone took 153 weeks ago.

There are loads of accounts I love but I felt that 483 pages is too long for one blog post. So I've curated a list of some of my faves. Check them out! 





Tahnee took our wedding photos a few years back so I guess I’m biased, but it was her beautiful photography that made me choose her in the first place. She just has a knack of capturing moments, of turning mundane into magic. She’s clever is what she is.


I first fell in love with Lisa’s account because of the way she photographed her two daughters, Ava and Anouk. Now she has THREE daughters to photograph and if there is a maximum quota of adorable allowed, Lisa’s Insta feed must have reached it. This is the kind of account that, had Harlow not been born a girl, would have been too hard for me to look at. Three girls! And though Lisa’s photography is undoubtedly beautiful, her captions always get me. The way she observes the world and in particular, observes her daughters observing the world, is just exquisite. An absolute favourite.  



Mad is an Aussie in America and I love seeing the world through her eyes. She just has an innate talent for capturing people and places, for noting interesting landscapes and gorgeous light. Her iPhone pics are art and I don’t know how she does it. I just don’t have that eye and I envy it so much!


If you need a break from the stark Scandi minimalism so many Insta feeds revere then an account like Averil’s is a literal ray of sunshine in a sea of crisp monochrome tones. She lives in paradise with her beautiful family and her photos are brimming colour and movement. And yellow. Always yellow.


My current obsession with cacti and succulents is so well catered for by this Insta account that I am willing to overlook the fact that the word 'jungalow' irritates me. What even is a jungalow? I don't know. But if it's what I'm seeing in these photos, I want to live there immediately.


I’m pretty sure this account used to be called something else, something that highlighted the fact that it features interiors decorated with items found at Kmart. I am a sucker for Kmart homewares and have definitely bought things on the strength of the styling I saw on this page. On the one hand, I worry about the disposable nature of cheap shit from Kmart, but on the other, I don’t have the budget to furnish my entire home with classic (read: EXPENSIVE) pieces – especially if they’re a seasonal trend. The great thing about this page is that it gives me ideas about how a $5 vase can update my home and the stuff I already own. Admittedly, I went through a stage of buying ALL THE THINGS from Kmart but that ended up being a horrible confusion of mismatched trends. I’ve chilled out now and only very occasionally buy something if I genuinely heart it. This was meant to be about an Instagram account and not my Kmart confession. Sorry.  




 In the world of blogging, Lauren is what you’d call a triple threat. She can actually write, she’s genuinely funny AND she’s stupidly good-looking. She was never not going to be an overnight success. I want to hate Lauren and her equally attractive family but I can’t because she uses expressions like ‘thunder cunt’ and she admits her kids are occasionally (frequently) douche canoes. To my knowledge, she has never called either of her kids ‘thunder cunt’ but the night is still young.


Stacey is also a triple threat AND she cooks shit. So is that a quadruple threat? Add in tattoo cred and I think we’re looking at quintuple threat. Why do I follow these people who do life so much better than me? Whyyyyy? Because they’re genuinely ace and it’s hard to begrudge people success when they are ace. Stacey has two wildly adorable daughters and her recipes have gotten me out of a dinner time jam more than once. 



Funny memes? Yes please!


Funny memes about motherhood? Say no more.

Who do you love to follow on Instagram? 


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