The Little Saturday Share: Germs Edition

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Little Feet


And if that title didn't have you rushing to click through, I don't know what would.

But this is the sad and true fact of life in my house right now. You suffer through winter, a few of you get Influenza B, it's god-awful, but you get through it. Spring comes and then summer and you wonder, why, oh why, is everyone still getting sick?

Two ear infections, Manflu, three tuberculosis-style coughs and now a dose of tonsillitis for my baby girl. I put her to bed just now. We lay side by side with the covers off because it is hot and she is even hotter: her little limbs burn against mine and I wonder if we are done now. Can we finish this round of antibiotics and be done? At least for a little while? Because she is only small and it's not fair, and also, she is super-clingy and a little bit annoying when she is sick. Mostly it's adorable to snuggle all day, but there are other kids and other things to do and so even the simple bittersweetness of whiling away the hours nursing a poorly child is stolen away by the relentless forward march of time and all its demands.  

So I am feeling strangely uninspired to share anything – particularly bacteria.

For those of you who missed it, I recently shared my wedding video. Tahnee, the photographer, is probably delighted with all the views, but I need to let her know that half of them are mine. I CAN'T STOP WATCHING. I want her to follow my family around constantly and then make little movies set to pretty music with jangly guitars.  

And I also wrote a sponsored piece about DC Super Hero Girls. I had some trepidation about writing this post as I do with all the sponsored posts I write – which is why I write so few of them. I run it through a mental checklist to see if the product and content align both with who I am and who I believe my readers to be. But also, I am a mum with three kids and most of what I write here generates zero income. That's okay. Writing is what I do and authenticity is everything to me. But sometimes a pay cheque is good. I know you guys don't begrudge me that. 

I did genuinely like the idea of girls as superheros. I thought it was a worthy message. The show was cute. And I enjoyed writing "sponsored by DC Comics" because DC Comics sounds cool and everyone knows it.

But now I know my decision was the right one because ever since I showed her the webisodes, Harlow has insisted we refer to her as Superhero Harlow. Now THAT sounds cool and everyone knows it.

And now please excuse me. My husband is plying me with gin and I do believe he has impure intentions. If I don't pretend to be asleep very soon, we all know what could happen.

Happy Saturday!

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