The Little Saturday Share: Copper Edition

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Hello, people who read my blog! I can't even believe any of you are still here given my inability to string sentences together lately. I have been anywhere but here and I blame the wedding squarely. Of course, it was all worth it and my god, I would do it all again if I didn't have to foot the bill, but it has been kind of awesome to not be juggling a million mental balls any more.

Yes, mental balls. I know you know what I mean.

So now I'm back to my normal half a million mental balls, but then some Christmas balls are about to get thrown back into the mix, and I suppose I have to conclude that life is a never-ending series of balls to handle.

I'm resurrecting The Little Saturday Share, an old tradition that lasted about two weeks before I lost focus and decided to drink wine through a straw instead. Probably. I can't remember exactly but let's give it another crack, shall we?

My aim is to share some of my favourite stuff from the interwebs each week. I think it's a nice thing to do. If you have any suggestions of things I should be reading/ seeing/ admiring/ drinking through a straw, then please shoot me an email. I trust you.

This week is the copper edition because copper gives me a giant homewares boner. What will happen is that I will fill my entire home with things made of copper and then next season, copper will be so 2015 and I will have to burn this joint to the ground and trawl Insta for ways to rebuild.

So let's begin with the sharing of shit you don't need to know about and probably shouldn't spend money on. You're very welcome.

1. Copper Vase DIY 

Copper Vase

I thought this idea from A Pair & A Spare was so completely easy and so completely ace, but then I found it hard to source copper pipe online. I think maybe we call it copper tubing here and eBay was telling me I could make my easy DIY vase for $190 and still have 5.9 metres of bonus pipe left! Until I make a trip to Bunnings to see if I can buy a thick piece of copper pipe cut to length, I have no way of knowing if this is the most pointless thing I have ever shared with you on the blog. But it sure looks pretty, right?


2. Copper Clock

Copper Clock

I own this. It's from Kmart. It took me forever to get one. They're never in stock. I really do love it. None of this is helpful to you. Because they're never in stock. Sorry.


3. Copper Ball Mason Flower Jar

Copper Lid Mason Jars


These jars by Rainy Sunday are so pretty, and I can say this with certainty because this is another copper thing I personally own. I bought them for the wedding. I don't even remember seeing them at the wedding. But they were there. Being so pretty.


4. Natural Rope and Copper Wall Pendant

Copper Rope

This looks like it should be piss easy to make. But I'll spend forty bucks on all the materials and then never, ever turn them into anything, let alone this gorgeous wall hanging that I could have bought from The Coloured Knot for $17.95. I found it at Down That Little Lane. But by all means, go ahead and DIY it. Good luck finding copper piping.


Three Blog Posts I Loved This Week

 Just to be clear, we're not talking about copper any more.

And self-promotion jerk move: Wanna see a preview of my wedding pics? Click. People had lots to say about this post on my Facebook page. And for a spot of vintage Little Mumma, check out Wedding Blues about the time we went to a wedding that wasn't ours and all the things went wrong. Except for champagne. Champagne is always right. Oh, and I wrote this back when I was keeping everyone's name a secret so LD is Luca, Zee is Ziggy and B is Bren. Man, was I sneaky!


And finally, as I was writing this post today from the comfort of my bed, Bren asked me, he said, "Why are you wearing that hat?" 


Ummm, I think it's pretty obvious. But I'm not about to explain why wearing a giant sunhat, inside, at night, is the right choice to someone who OBVIOUSLY DOESN'T GET IT. Amazingness shouldn't have to explain why it's amazing.


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