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I've talked previously about my chequered Father's Day gift-giving past. I don't always make the effort to really find that perfect present. In fact, after closer examination of all the gifts I have ever given Bren over the course of our almost 15 years together, it has become apparent that historically, my gift-giving has been hit and miss. The surprise holiday to sunny Queensland – HIT. The Orgasmatron Head Massager – MISS.

But this year via I feel confident I have made up for past failings. More than made up for it. As in, if I had sent a Lamborghini down the aisle last Sunday instead of myself, I do believe Bren would have married a car.   

Bright and early one Sunday morning in late September, having shipped the kids off to the grandparentals the night before, we took a drive out to Coldstream in the Yarra Valley. We arrived at Rochford Wines just after 8:30am, the sun not yet bright enough to have burnt off the clouds. But the overcast sky could not dull the brilliance of a pair of luxury sports cars lined up and ready to drive. Bren was fuelled by that heady cocktail of nerves and excitement.

After filling out some paperwork in which we promised to hand over our firstborn if Bren crashed, it was time for a rundown with the instructor – and then, nothing but the wide open roads.    


Adrenaline 1

Adrenaline 2

Adrenaline 3

Adrenaline 4

Adrenalin 6

Adrenaline 5

Adrenaline 6

Adrenalin 7

Bren spent half an hour each in the Ferrari and the Lamborghini which left me with a bit of time to kill at the winery. What to do? What to do?

Killing Time Collage
Champagne breakfast of champions.

When the driving was done and Bren was returned to me buzzing on that frequency reserved predominantly for men and fast cars, we had a bit of time before our lunch so we had a little stroll around the winery, playing frisbee on the lawn and just generally revelling in our kid-free existence for as long as we could.

Lunch was on point. Dessert was on point-erer. You know what I mean. 

Beef cheeks

Sweet Cheeks

We never wanted to go home.

Check out the Lamborghini and Ferrari Drive experience page for further details.

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Disclaimer: This post was written as part of my collaboration with Adrenalin who gifted this experience to me to gift to Bren for Father's Day. So much giftingness! 

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