A Little Wedding Pic Preview

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Hello from married land!

Strangely, it feels much like unmarried land except more awesome because we just crossed off a major item on the To-Do list. The list where nothing ever gets crossed off! It's still a stupidly long list, but this momentous and expensive to-do is ta-DONE! 

Our lovely photographer, Tahnee from Lemonade Lane, sent through these preview pics and yeah, I think they're totes amaze. And if I'm right about previews, it means that the best is yet to come.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen some of these, but there are a whole lot more I haven't shared before now.  

I'll share more details of the day later when I have the rest of the photos and video to share with you. But for now, enjoy this preview of our October 25th wedding at Inglewood Estate, Kangaroo Ground.  


Angie + Bren-1

Angie + Bren-3

Angie + Bren-2

Angie + Bren-4

Angie + Bren-5

Angie + Bren-6

Angie + Bren-7

Angie + Bren-8

Angie + Bren-9

Angie + Bren-10

Angie + Bren-12

Angie + Bren-13

Angie + Bren-14

Angie + Bren-15

Angie + Bren-16

Angie + Bren-17

Angie + Bren-18

Angie + Bren-19 (1)

Angie + Bren-20

Angie + Bren-22

Angie + Bren-23

Angie + Bren-24

Angie + Bren-25

Angie + Bren-26

Angie + Bren-27

Angie + Bren-28 (1)

Angie + Bren-29

Angie + Bren-30

Angie + Bren-32

Angie + Bren-33

Angie + Bren-34

Angie + Bren-35

Angie + Bren-36

Angie + Bren-37

Angie + Bren-38

Angie + Bren-39

Angie + Bren-40

Angie + Bren-41 (1)

Angie + Bren-42

Angie + Bren-43

Angie + Bren-44

Angie + Bren-45

Angie + Bren-47

Angie + Bren-48

Angie + Bren-49

Angie + Bren-50

Angie + Bren-52

Angie + Bren-51

Angie + Bren-53

Angie + Bren-54

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