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Thank god for phones with cameras. I love my SLR but sometimes it's all too much trouble to get it out. And unless I hang around holding it, it's not particularly convenient for catching a random moment. Yes, it takes much better photos but the reality is that without my phone camera, I might not have recorded many photos at all this last month or so.

And there's the little issue of my SLR being in camera hospital after a small, adorable girl I know dropped it.  

So these pictures will win no awards for photography amazingness, but they capture this time in our lives which we will never live again. And though I swear I've been sleepwalking through this long, cold winter, these photos remind me that life has been lived and that the sun always comes out eventually.

Motherhood 1

Motherhood 2

Motherhood 3


Motherhood 5

Motherhood 4

Motherhood 6

Motherhood 7


Motherhood 8

Motherhood 9



Luca – my just-turned-7 kid, so busy cementing his place in the world. Wants us to think he's a tough guy, pushing all the boundaries but really he's a gentle soul who's pretty patient with his pretty annoying little brother and sister.

Ziggy – this little guy just began a transitional program in preparation for starting school next year. He is becoming so good at writing his name. It seems impossible that he could be getting so big but when I see him cocooned in his doona, I realise I haven't lost my baby boy just yet.

Harlow – oh, how we know we're alive with this girl around. Bossy and demanding, she makes up for it with the silliest sense of humour and the best cuddles in the universe.


Linking up with Milk Please Mum. Check out her post for actual photo amazingness.

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