Ten Years From Now…

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Ten Years From Now


6, 4, 2.

16, 14, 12.

In ten years’ time, EVERYTHING will be different, if only as it relates to the numbers above.

Today my children are very much that; children. Babies really. Ten years will completely alter this. It will steal away with their childhood and pitch them headfirst into their teens.

I have a lump in my throat as I type; teenagers. Not because I’m frightened of this stage. On the contrary, I’m looking forward to it. No, I feel emotional thinking of who my children might grow to be. I know raising teenagers is not easy but I can’t help but think I am better suited to those challenges than I am to the present-day ones. Teenagers can, at least on some level, be reasoned with. If I keep the dialogue way, way open as they grow, I am hopeful this will serve us well when the tumultuous teenage years begin.

Right now I am dealing with super-needy, super-illogical kids. It’s a daily struggle – with the constant demands, the lack of personal freedom and the inability to have a rational discussion. I try not to wish these years away. I know they are so very short. I will miss the simplicity of kissing hurts better, of a time when my arms were wide enough to completely cocoon my babies from the world. But I think I will be saner when our days are not so constantly intertwined.

In ten years time, I imagine there will be a little more space to breathe. I expect I will enjoy motherhood more for this reason.

Today Bren is a full-time engineering student (final year – hallelujah!). I stay at home with the kids. We rent an old house in a suburb that would not be our first choice. You best believe I hope EVERYTHING is different in ten years time. Dramatically so!

Bren and I have our eyes on the prize. We are both working hard, building slowly but steadily towards our goals. It’s exciting to be on the precipice of change. We’re excited for the future.

The sweetest thing in thinking about a decade from now is that right here in this moment, Bren and I believe we have hit the jackpot in life. We love one another fiercely, we adore our crazy beautiful kids. We have everything we need. So as other dreams start unfolding for us, they will represent icing, gravy, cherries on top. Being here where we have made do with a simpler life means any future good fortune we are afforded will taste all the sweeter.

Life is good. And every day, we are working to make it even better.

I’m not in a hurry for 2024. But when it comes, I hope it is a reflection of the foundations we are busy laying now.


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