My kingdom for a king-sized bed

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They must have seen us coming.

Our situation was very early-20’s predictable. Bren and I lived in an apartment furnished almost entirely with op shop finds, family hand-me-downs and stuff lifted directly from our childhood bedrooms. None of it went together, most of it was well past its prime and it never really crossed our minds to give a damn. We were young and arty. This is what everyone’s stuff looked like.

But despite our boho (read: poor) aesthetic,  we eventually determined the time had come for a mattress upgrade. Apart from the fact that I couldn’t even remember where it had originally come from and the gross implications of that (just exactly how much unidentified human DNA could this thing be harbouring?), the mattress was so uncomfortable that if I lay on my side too long, my hipbone would start to ache.

So we headed to the local Homemaker Centre with a budget of $500 and the immovable position that a firm mattress was a good mattress.

Forty-five minutes later we exited the store with a $2000 finance contract for our incredibly plush and pillowy soft mattress. And two new $100 pillows because obviously what we’d been using was rubbish.

Wow. We were sitting ducks.

And yet, I have never regretted how easily we were persuaded that fateful day. Our new mattress revolutionised my life. I have always looked forward to bed time but every time I climbed into our new bed, I audibly squealed with delight, scissored my legs back and forth in sheer bliss and allowed the mattress to suspend my entire weight, cloud-like. It was heaven.

In fact, it still is. We still have that mattress and I remain madly in love with my inner-spring investment. But the truth is, we have outgrown our Queen size mattress. And though it has faithfully provided sleeping comfort excellence these past ten years, I fear its ability to deliver that comfort has been compromised by the three extra bodies that try to squeeze into it most mornings.

Yes, I have been fantasizing about another. And I call him King.

Luckily, Brendon feels the same way as I do about King. He's not jealous at all. He knows that King would never let his feet hang off the end of the bed. He also knows that King would help absorb the impact of having a wife who likes to sleep on the diagonal.

Sadly, King will need to wait until Bren has finished his degree. King requires all new everything to fit his epic proportions. Students don't qualify for King.

But a girl can dream. To that end, I have put together this little wishlist as spied on Beds Online.

Florence King Bed


So funny how tastes change. This bed is the complete opposite to the Japanese-vibe suite we bought ten years ago. Instead of the Eastern aesthetic of rich, dark timber, the Florence suite has that fresh, natural Scandi vibe that I am so in love with right now. It feels a bit 1970's and a bit like I need it in my bedroom RIGHT NOW.  

Domino Pure Bliss Latex Mattress


Apparently, latex is the shiz. Apart from that, this thing has 100% natural wool and cashmere quilting. Cashmere, people. SOLD. And at $2,599 (reduced from $3,099 as part of their mattress sale), it really isn't so much more than what we paid for our current mattress ten years ago. A good mattress is absolutely an investment worth making.

Celeste Bunk Bed

 And while I'm faux shopping for myself, I should probably spare a thought for the boys who are desperate for a bunk bed. I personally think they're too little for now but in a couple of years and certainly if they're still sharing a room, I like the idea of a single/double bunk like this one. Apparently it also comes in a plain white and that would be my choice – I like adding colour with the bed linen.

Shelby Sleigh Single Bed


And though I don't like to dwell on the fact that she will not be a baby forever, I think this sleigh bed would be the perfect addition to the vibe of Miss Harlow Rosie's current room when the time comes to upgrade from a cot. *sob*

Have you ever considered buying a mattress online? I remember we went instore to purchase our mattress all those years ago, and our tenacious little salesperson made us lie on a whole bunch of beds. He helpfully pointed out what differences we might be feeling but you know what? I'm not sure I could really tell. I just knew they were much more comfortable than the $500 slab of concrete we had intended to buy.

But then again, $2000 is a lot of money to pony up without so much as clapping eyes on a mattress let alone buying it. So that makes purchasing online pretty risky, right? Beds Online understand that mattresses are a very personal thing and for that reason, they offer a 60 night comfort trial guarantee. Sleep on the mattress for a minimum of 14 nights (and max 60) and if you think you chose the wrong one, you can swap it for another of equal or greater value. You pay the delivery fees incurred but given that Beds Online are selling their mattresses for well below RRP, you're still likely to come out well in front. 


If you're in the market for new bedding, Beds Online are offering Little Mumma readers a  10% discount. Just enter the code {10OFF} at the checkout. This offer is valid until 31 Dec 2014 so you have plenty of time to browse through their huge range. Enjoy!

So tonight, I will lay me down on that life-changing mattress, my Queen who has served me so faithfully, and dream unchaste dreams about King…..


Disclosure: Beds Online have generously sponsored this post and in collaborating with me, help to make the viability of this blog possible. The payment received is to compensate the time taken to craft a piece like this. All opinions remain my own – but then, you knew that already. 

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