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Panadol Is BackTeething is hard to do


If you were trying to buy pain relief for your little ones in September this year, you may have been surprised to find that Children’s Panadol® 1-5 years suspension was not on the shelves. Turns out GSK who make the iconic brand were fighting a temporary injunction brought about by a patent infringement allegation made by a competitor.

I know, confusing business stuff, but it sent the consumer hotline into overdrive with worried parents wondering where their fallback pain relief for teething toddlers and feverish five-year-olds had disappeared to. 

I was not one of those making a call because a) I always have a supply on hand and b) Harlow refuses to take any form of medicine, whether it be in an easy-to-use  10 mL dosing device or otherwise.

I am, as everyone should be, judicious with my use of pain relief for the kids. I know that a fever is the body’s normal response to infection and bringing it down is not always the best course of action, but I can tell you right now, some long nights of teething would have been less painful – for all of us – if Harlow had just taken a little swig of Panadol. She is quite unlike her brothers who Bren and I have affectionately nicknamed “the little junkies” – they actively look for ways to get dosed up. But I digress…    

Thankfully, the confusing business stuff has been sorted and the full range of Children’s Panadol® is back on the shelves. To celebrate, you have the chance to win a pamper hamper valued at $156 thanks to Australia’s number one trusted pain reliever brand. If you care about candles that smell like HEAVEN, you will love this prize.

Glasshouse Oahu Relaxation Retreat

The hamper includes:

• Glasshouse Oahu with Ilima Milk & Honey Triple Scented Candle

 • Glasshouse Oahu with Ilima Milk & Honey Hand and Body Creme 150ml

 • Glasshouse Oahu with Ilima Milk & Honey Body Bar 250gm

 • 100% White Microplush Bathrobe (one size fits all)

For your chance to be in the running, simply tell us why you love Children’s Panadol® 1-5 years suspension.

Terms & Conditions

  • This competition is open to residents within Australia only and is a game of chance.
  • All entries must appear in the comments section of this post, not on the Facebook page.
  • Entries close on Saturday 23 November 2013 at midnight AEDT.
  • The winner will be drawn randomly and announced on the blog on Monday 25 November 2013.
  • The winner must make contact via email   

Good luck!

Disclaimer: A small fee was charged to run this giveaway on The Little Mumma. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who help make this blog possible.  

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  1. Jane

    Why do I love panadol?? Because it helps take the pain away from my babies 🙁 .. While away on holidays I had forgotten this particular panadol only packing baby one, of course baby didn’t need panadol but Lila nearly 4 came down with a horrible fever that was getting higher by the minute after call to nurse on call and no idea where the closest hospital was a ambulance was called thankfully they had some on board and we had our little girl feeling much better within 20mins and all had a peaceful nights sleep 🙂 …

  2. Kim m

    Panadol is the best. When I am tired, worn out, have had no sleep and my baby is worse, I need something to go to for pain, something I know will work wothout thinking too hard!

  3. Christie

    I love panadol because my Baby Girl is a Hot Pocket!! When she is teething her temp soars and she radiates heat. Poor little thing is radiating heat. A dose of panadol gets her temp down in about 20mins. Stops us worrying and makes her comfortable to get some more sleep. I make sure we have one in the fridge and one spare lol!! Thanks for panadol 🙂

  4. Vicki @ Knocked Up & Abroad

    Panadol’s brilliance needs very little explanation. I couldn’t do this gig without it. If I had to sum it up in one sentence it would be this: Fucking life saver. Mine anyway.
    The End.

  5. Nicole

    It definitely makes dealing with teething much easier for all concerned, especially those molars – ouch!

  6. Michelle V

    For me, I choose Panadol because I trust the brand.
    My mum gave it to me as a child, and now when my children need it, I turn to Panadol too.
    I find that is very effective, and the flavour makes it easy to administer, unlike other children’s pain relief.

  7. Cate Rose

    As much as I would love to win a pack of anything to with pampering and I do use panadol for my toddler on the rare occasion I give something (and in preference to other brands, hubby is a pharmacist), please be aware an issue has been flagged I with misprinted syringes – resulting In inaccurate dosing. Correct dosage is critical in small babies and kids, you can overdose a small person very easily. Check that your syringe measurements start right near the tip, that there is no gap. Panadol is investigating but no recall as far as I know.

    I can’t paste the photo in here for some reason but will try to email it to little mumma. See Little Aid on FB and Panadol for children on FB has a brief statement saying they are investigating. Let’s hope it’s just a one off.

    Cate Rose

  8. neatsiep

    Panadol is the savior sometimes in this house with pain and fever, I love that the taste appeals to my kids so no gagging and spitting it out in the middle of the night, easy doasge and its gentle on tummies. Panadol has helped us through colds, ear aches, teething and immunizations!

  9. Mary Preston

    IT WORKS!!!

  10. Megan

    Panadol is safe to use on babies & gentle on little one’s stomach. It has many uses & helps keep babies comfortable. It puts a mother’s mind at ease-couldn’t live without it!!

  11. Christie

    Panadol is a saviour in those moments when a baby/child goes from happy and laughing to very poorly and with a raging temperature within a matter of hours.

  12. Barbara

    Panadol is one brand I trust. It helps us all sleep better at night

  13. Lauren

    As a first time mum, I’ve had a few stress filled nights this week as my bub had a fever and felt searing hot. So glad I had Children’s Panadol on hand and a fellow mumma down the phone line to get me through my baby’s first sick period.

  14. Karen.E

    Panadol is safe to use on my baby and 4 and 7 year olds they also like the taste which is a bonus when they have a huge temp.

  15. bubble936

    Because it relieves my kids from pain and discomfort & gives me mental peace that i am doing the right thing.


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