Nipple Confusion

by | Jul 11, 2013 | Little Issues, Little Soapbox | 9 comments

I have written about breastfeeding in public. I have written about misogyny

And out there in the world wide web, there are many more words dedicated to those two issues. It's not that I think more words are not necessary. Certainly, until society changes its current views on both these issues, there can't be enough words.

But today my words aren't necessary. Instead, I am sharing two videos. One is a poem read aloud by a breastfeeding mother, the other is a music video by a white male singer.

Suffice it to say that the reason the first video exists is inextricably linked to the second. 

For the record, I think the first video is amazing, courageous, smart, funny, heart-wrenching and beautiful.

There are many, many adjectives I could use for the second. Objectifying, degrading, sexist. But the best word to describe it is this; DUMB. It's a catchy song with questionable lyrics and a seriously stupid film clip.

I love tits. But in my mind, only the first video truly celebrates them.

What do you think?



You'll need to sign into YouTube to watch this one….


Note: I was dismayed to see that Justin Timberlake's newest film clip, Tunnel Vision, has also jumped on the bare tits bandwagon (although I am sure he would argue his is "arty"). Is this supposed to be groundbreaking stuff? I don't get it.

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  1. Karen T

    I LOVE the first one. I think she is an amazing poet and her message is so worthwhile!

    I couldn’t even watch more than a quarter of the 2nd. Bleurgh. And I ain’t no prude either… I quite like boosies, but c’mon?!!! It just left me shaking my head in dismay.


  2. Sally

    What the actual fuckity fuck? Is that for real? Am I living under massive rock? Is this what video clips look like now? As in the ones played on Video Hits that kids watch on a Saturday morning. Takes a bit to shock me, but I’m shocked.
    As a society, we have a bloody long way to go.

  3. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Exactly! I love tits. HUGE fan. But like you, no more than a minute or so into that clip, I was bored with them. Just….dumb.

    But Hollie McNish? Swoon!

  4. E

    Ugh – why don’t their boobs move?
    Will be sharing this one Angie

  5. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Well, this is the “uncut” version so Video Hits (may it rest in peace) would have played the PG rated one. Which still comprises of pretty women (coyly covering bare boobs – vom) gyrating around the men. But yeah, I had the same reaction. Like, wow, we’re not even trying to hide overt objectification anymore?

    What annoys me more than anything is the way the models walk in this clip. Who walks like that? It’s just….man, it’s dumb.

  6. Sally

    Ooops yeah, no more Video Hits. That’s how up with the kids I am these days! Yes, it was dumb. As.

  7. Robin | Farewell, Stranger

    Wow, that poem by Hollie is incredible. I had seen it shared before but hadn’t watched it yet. Amazing.

    The others? Sigh. That Blurred Lines video is just sad, for so many reasons. It’s just sensationalism. The JT one is better, for sure, but I’m still disappointed.

  8. Madeleine

    I love the first video – I actually watched it several times last week when it first began appearing on my FB feed, and had to show it to J. Hollie has talent.

    As for the second one, I had to watch it on mute (kids around, who flock to anything with sound from the laptop), but only lasted about 30 seconds. What the actual? It’s lost on me. And sidenote: Ain’t that Mike Seaver’s kid? Dad must be proud.


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