A Night Out, A Night Off

by | Jun 6, 2013 | Little Angie, Little Nothings | 11 comments

Night Out 1

Night Out 2

Night Out 3

Night Out 4

Night Out 5

Night Out 6
Do you get out much? We don't get out much. For this reason, I am glad these are still images and not a videoed account of my complete incompetence when it comes to walking in heels. I am deeply out of practise. At the end of the evening, Bren had to take my arm to steady me as we exited the restaurant despite the fact that I had not had a drop to drink. 

The rarity of these occasions means that I tend to make an effort when they do arise. We were just heading to the local Thai restaurant but you have to take what you can get. We could have ventured further from home but the idea of Harlow waking up and being inconsolable for my mum made me nervous. As it turned out, she did not make a peep in the couple of hours we were gone but Murphy's Law says the night we head into the city is the night she cries non-stop for hours. 

Please forgive me for the vanity of posting these pics of myself but I have been feeling very "chips and gravy" this last month as the weather grows colder. I fear the telltale jiggle in my walk reveals just how often I have been indulging my cold weather cravings of late. These photos reassure me that I am not completely lost to the gravy side. 

I did not brush my hair for the occasion although that seems to have worked out okay. I am, however, disturbed by the sight of my face with so much slap on it. I feel a smidge Ru Paul. I think it's the lipliner.

Of course, I could pretend that I'm sharing these photos because they descend into photo-bombed madness and isn't it all cute? and how hilarious is Ziggy? but we all know that secretly I have a little crush on myself in these shots which is a nice feeling when compared to my normal response to pictures of me which include; "Jesus H, my arm looks like a slab of meat" and "Bren, I'm going to need botox and possibly a boob job for my 40th birthday, 'kay, thanks."

The girl in these photos is a bit of a stranger these days. It was nice to trot her out for a bit.

Note: Brendon was my date for the evening and we did take a couple of shots of him and though I can tell you he looked super-handsome on the night, somehow it did not translate in the photos which is code for "he expressly forbid me to post photos of him."


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  1. Vicki @ Knocked Up & Abroad

    Oh I love them! You look foxy as. Love the hair and the tight minxy leggings. You do date well. Hope you get to do it more often from now 🙂

  2. Mummalove

    Woot-woo. Bet Bren loved having such a glam girl on his arm. Flaunt it, baby x

  3. Meghan

    Love this one, you look beautiful. It is nice to feel like your old self – the one before children every now and then unfortunately, feels like a distant memory a lot of the time. Good on you – enjoy these moments x

  4. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Thank you, sweet. I felt okay about myself which was nice. I totally want to do it more…

  5. Bec

    Hot! Love the pants, Angie!

    Super gorgeous kids, too. xx

  6. Chasing Joy

    You do look great. I like the pants too 🙂

  7. kate

    Looking hot mummy. very beautiful

  8. Madeleine

    How did I miss this? You look hawt, mumma. RIT REW!

    It’s a wonderful feeling to see photos of yourself, looking better than your own self-image normally feeds you. Glad you have some photographic evidence! And ain’t nothin’ Ru Paul about you.

    As for those heels? No way could I walk in them. It’s not a skill I ever mastered…



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