Meet Me At The Beach: our shoot with Angie Baxter

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So back in November, we had some new family portraits done. Once again, we were lucky enough to have Angie Baxter shoot them for us. She did another session with us back in 2011 – you can read about that here.

Harlow's arrival last year meant that we needed an update so we headed to the Brighton beach boxes early one crisp November morning. This was after I had pushed back the date once citing "too fat for photos" as my excuse. Even now, I look at these pictures and think, Someone was cooking waaaay too many brownies…and then eating them. But despite my frankly tiresome self-loathing, I am madly in the love with this session and the little moments Angie was able to capture.

Harlow was tired, Luca and Zig just wanted to run and the wind was insane – but still, we ended up with this series of treasures.

Check it out.












Like I mentioned earlier, I have been so fortunate to have a professional family portrait session done (twice!) with Angie. But I appreciate that not everyone has the dough to do it. But you know what? People are buying $2000 Thermomixes so let me just say this; professional photography is an investment. And it is NOT the same as going to a shopping mall photographer who entices you in with "FREE" offers and then slugs you for prints of their (seriously sub-standard) work. Cheesy poses and white backgrounds? You can do better, people! Much better.

Tax time is coming up and if you're getting any kind of refund, think about getting some family pics done. Do your research, check out websites of the photographer's work, make sure they have an aesthetic that matches yours, make sure they're transparent about what things cost and even have a chat with them on the phone before booking because a good rapport will go a long way to making you feel at ease during the session.

And of course, if you're in Melbourne, you should just book Angie. Obviously.

Disclaimer: Angie gifted these family portraits to me in exchange for a review of her eBook. She did not ask me to write this post. But I did anyway. Because of awesome. The end.  

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  1. Fran

    Wow Angie, these photos are gorgeous! You have an extremely photogenic family xx

  2. Angela Fortt

    Just gorgeous! I can’t see any evidence of brownie overload. Now where is that birth story that we are all waiting for ;)?

  3. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    They’re great, aren’t they? So happy with them.

    Thank you! I think we scrub up okay… 😉


  4. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Thanks, love!

    Oh, gaaaaaahhhhd! It’s coming, I swear. I just can’t seem to get it out. It’s like my word cervix won’t dilate….or something….


  5. Karen T

    They’re beautiful, Angie! The one of ‘Lo lying on the pretty rug is delightful!

    Professional pics are definitely worth it! We had some done when I was preggy with O and then the birth ones (which I think you’ve seen??). I’m hankering for some more…. will have to arrange soon!


  6. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Thanks, darlin! Aren’t they special?

    I have seen the birth ones – and I was very moved and very envious! They’re stunning. I actually wanted to use them during Birth Week on the blog but ran out of time to check with you and Georgia for permission. Next time…

    Yes, get more! xxx

  7. carol townsend

    Just love the location of these photos, such a contrast between the past with the colourful change-cabins and today’s modern family still enjoying a day at the beach, no matter what the weather or place in time. The photos just glow with health and happiness.

  8. kate

    Angie, your photos are getting better and better. your family looks beautiful babe

  9. Madeleine

    I love the pops of colours in these photos, along with the beautiful people in them. We’ve yet to get a professional session done, and I’d love to one of these days. xxx

    PS I see no evidence of brownie-eating. Seriously.

  10. Rachael Van De Straat

    Awwww you have such a gorgeous little family! Love the photos. You look beautiful as always too! And the photos where you dont look at the camera can be the best ones as its natural and not staged. <3


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