Eleven Little Months

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Harlow 11 monthsA baby girl on her Baptism Day (outfit number #2)

Last night, I went to dinner with some kinder mums as this little darling sobbed herself to sleep in her daddy's arms. Suffice it to say, I don't get out much. By the time I returned home, my left boob was huge with the milk that would normally have been sending my sweet Harlow Rose to sleep. She and I are still inextricably connected. She adores Daddy, she really does, but there is no greater comfort than my arms. She misses me when I am not around. Luckily for her, that isn't very often.

And though her babyhood does present as a shackle sometimes, I am in no hurry for it to end. Four little teeth and eleven whole months are evidence that it is happening before my very eyes.

But when she cries in the middle of the night, as she does every single night, I am reminded that she is a baby still. And though I stumble in exhaustion to her cot to bring her in with me where I will not sleep nearly as well now that her little body is beside mine, I know that she will sleep more deeply than ever. And how can I begrudge her that? It's a simple comfort and though I wake with all kinds of aches and pains from sharing a bed with the tiniest of bedhogs, I can't imagine there is a sweeter face to wake up to.

Harlow Rose. Our next door neighbour thought her name was Halo. Good lord, we're not fancy but we're not THAT bad. But maybe it suits her, she has always been a bit of an angel.

Up until lately, that is. When exactly does a baby start developing a 'tude? Eleven months feels early but I am certain I am detecting a wee temper in our girl. It's possible she likes to have things her way….already.

I can feel my mother smiling gleefully as she reads this. Karmic retribution, she will be thinking. 

Oh, this little girl. Little sticky out ears, a struggling patch of silky dark blonde hair, and a sweet face that is both Bren's and mine.

Lightning fast crawler, eater of gross stuff from the floor, whole body snuggler, face scratching, boob whacking heart of my heart. She says goodbye (bah bah), laughs when I tell her "No!" and is never happier than when she is exploring in the back yard.

Her brothers sing Twinkle Twinkle whenever she cries.

Her father will pull the moon from the sky if she ever wishes it so.

And after dreaming of a daughter for forever, I may never get over how awesome it is to finally have her here.

11 months


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  1. E

    Love xx

    Halo… Haha!!

  2. Fran

    Beautiful xx I need to see some more photos from Harlow’s special day too! You both look divine!

  3. Karen T

    Oh beautiful. They’re exhausting and brilliant from one second to the next! Oscar had mega ‘tude happening. It’s mind boggling and taking very ounce of my patience!
    I’d still like to marry HR and O off in a few years 😉

  4. Bec | Mumma Tells

    Oh, Angie, Harlow and my {little} Big Girl sound so similar. From their Boobie-Monstering to their early ‘tuding ways. Bless their little hearts. I am so thrilled that you all finally received your little Lady Angel. Sorry, your little Halo… X

  5. Belle

    Halo hey? Maybe they think you’re massive Beyonce fans?!! LOL!! You both look absolutely gorgeous 🙂


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