Brothers In Arms

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Brothers In Arms


If you're a fan of The Little Mumma Facebook page, you probably saw this picture.

If you're not and you're just seeing it for the first time now – I know, I know!

One evening last week, I went in at around 9pm to check on the boys and found them like this. And like this they stayed as Bren and I took a zillion flash photos. They didn't so much as flinch.

I think maybe this is the most amazing photo in the world.

I see them fight, snatch toys, get each other in trouble and scream at the injustice of having to put up with one another.

I also see them play their crazy games and totally be on the same crazy page, defend each other, and make one another laugh.

Almost two and a half years apart, each was born with a tiny birthmark in the exact same spot on their left elbows.

They are so alike in many ways – outgoing and gregarious and with a not so subtle propensity for drama. But their big personalities mean they're often competing for the same ground – cue explosion.

But then I find them tucked into Zig's bed together, each cradling the other's face. 

When you have two sons (or two daughters) together, people will often say, "They'll be best friends for life." It's a lovely sentiment but scratch the surface of all too many families and it's not uncommon to see siblings who aren't close. Or who can't stand each other. Sibs who have stayed tight well into adulthood are far rarer. Oh, but they're a thing to see. And to aspire to.

But we can't make these guys close. We are a very tight little family unit but if they grow up and apart, that will be well beyond the realms of our control.

I showed the boys the photo the following morning.

"Look how I found you guys sleeping! Isn't that gorgeous?"

Zig laughed with me as I expected he would.

Luca regarded the picture with furrowed brow.

"But why did you move me?" was what he wanted to know. 

I explained that I was worried he could have fallen out, that he was a little too close to the edge, that I thought he'd be more comfy in his own bed.

Whether the future finds them friends or not we can't know but in the here and now, these two make an incredible pair.


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  1. Vicki @ Knocked Up and Abroad

    I love this. This is the best thing I have ever seen. I can only hope I find my two in such a loving and totally gorgeous position one night 🙂

  2. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    You will have plenty of these moments. Sibs are awesome. Except when they’re not… 😉


  3. Claudine

    Just beautiful. It’s these moments that melt your heart and all is forgiven.
    And rest assured, that sometimes siblings that appear to detest each other (as my brother and I did when we were kids) have grown to be extremely close.

  4. Cate Rose

    Makes me a bit teary…beautiful.

  5. Madeleine

    THAT, right there, is the sweetest picture I’ve seen in a loooong time. Love it.

    I’ve found my two in similar poses at night, snuggled together, and there’s no other feeling like it. I really hope, too, that they’ll be incredibly close when they grow up.



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