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Ziggy Buoy

Little Water Babe

Zig with instructor, Marcus

Harlow's First Swimming Lesson

Brothers In Towels

Angie and Harlow

Luca with Paul Sadler

Photos by Timothy Burgess

Memories of my childhood are full of summers spent swimming. I loved the water. I can't remember a time when I couldn't swim – although my mother frequently reminds me of the time I locked myself in the car to avoid competing at a swimming meet on an overcast day. I loved water, yes – Swimming Club, not so much. 

Naturally we want the kids to be strong swimmers for their own safety but Bren and I both hope that they will genuinely love the water as much as we do.  

Paul Sadler Swimland invited us along for a morning of lessons for each of the kids and though the idea of getting into my bathers made me want to die, I thought it would be fun..you know…for everyone else. And it really was. All three kids loved their lessons – Harlow was exceptionally well behaved considering it was her very first – and it made us realise we need to get the boys back into regular lessons. Luca, in particular, is really keen to learn and improve.

Not all swim schools are equal and you should do your research before choosing one. I think a great instructor is key. I also liked the Swimland focus on water safety and survival. We met Paul Sadler and he is passionate about what he does. Bren and I left feeling genuinely impressed and genuinely bummed that we don't live closer to one of the eleven centres around Melbourne.

But if you do live near one of the centres in Melbourne or the one in Queensland, then you might want to enter this little competition. Visit Swimland's home page and look under Locations to see if there's a Swimland convenient to you.


To enter:

1) You must follow The Little Mumma Facebook page to enter. If you haven't already, go on over and click that Like button. 

2)  Leave a comment here on the blog stating who you'd like to win a term of swimming lessons for.

3) Entries close midnight AEDST Monday 4th February, 2013 and you must be an Australian resident to enter.

4) A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Tuesday 5th February.

Good luck!

Paul Sadler Swimland gave the kids a free swimming lesson each and supplied me with a term worth of lessons to give away here on the blog. They also put on a morning tea which I admit I ate more than my fair share of.

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Drumroll please….

Congratulations Angela Fortt!

You are the lucky winner of a term of swimming lessons for your little one.

Please email me thelittlemumma[@]gmail[dot]com with your postal address and I will post out your voucher. Yay!  


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  1. Kate

    I learnt to swim at Swimland (many moons ago) 🙂

  2. Jacqui

    I would love to win lessons for my son, Joshua. My older daughter Chloe has lessons at Paul Sadler and all the staff are so great with her. I blame money for not taking Joshua. It has nothing to do with me having to get into a pair of bathers of course!

  3. Greta @gfunkified

    I know I can’t win, but those pictures are adorable. Harlow a sweet little chunk! And the one of the two boys. Ohmyheart. We LOVE swimming. Last summer we got a pool in the backyard and it definitely got us through the summer!

  4. Madeleine

    Gorgeous shots! I can’t believe how much Harlow is looking like you these days. xx

  5. Naiomi

    I would love the swimming lessons for my 3 year old daughter Ashlyn. She has started to take an interest in waterplay and I would love for her to have some water awareness xx

  6. Crystal Evans

    I’d love to win lessons in Essendon for my 4 year old daughter who’s a little fish and loves the water.

  7. Katherine Bishop

    Oh, great giveaway! I have been meaning to arrange swimming lessons for my two boys and this would be perfect. We live in Ascot Vale so could go to the Essendon school. Please pick us!

  8. Angela Fortt

    I would love to win swimming lessons for our little one Hudson who is nearly 3 weeks old! Living in NQ makes it even more important that we teach him to swim as soon as possible.

  9. Loreece Drane

    I would love this for my seven month old girl. Hopefully she will start next term. We love Paul Sadler in Rowville for our little boys lessons.

  10. Julie

    I would love to win the Paul saddler lessons for my son Tobie who thinks he can swim like a shark but really is a sack of potatoes in the water, his dad nearly drowned when he was a child so I completely believe in swimming lessons.

  11. Kathryn

    We would love, love, love a free term of swimming lessons! Both my 5 year old and 3yr old love to swim and totally believe that learning to swim is soooo important! We currently attend Paul Sadler in Taylors Lakes and can’t speak highly enough of them!

  12. Strawbes

    Ooh. Little Eli is a little young yet but it would be perfect to sample a term before we commit to something. Thanks little mumma for the opportunity!

  13. Jessica Szymanski

    I would love to win a free term of swimming lessons for our 3 year old 🙂 We have his 6yr old brother enrolled but with money a little tight thi term the little boy had to miss out 🙁 Eldest had his first swimming lesson tonight and littlest cried because he couldnt go in with him! I am a terrible mother lol but would love the opportunity to make it up to him 🙂