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So ever since I got my very first iPhone (a few months ago – I know, I know), I am all about Instagram. 

I called my best friend and said, "Hey! Why aren't you on Instagram? I just posted an awesome photo of pine nuts!"

And she said, "That's why I'm not on Instagram. Pine nuts is the exact reason why."

She's so silly. 

Anyway, I love Instagram. But more often than not, I remember to use it when I'm in the rocking chair feeding Harlow and putting her to sleep which means the photos are always lowlight, breastfeeding shots. Mostly.

There are also some pine nuts.

I thought I would share a selection of my favourites with you – you might have seen them before either on Instagram itself or on the Facebook page where I sometimes share them. If you don't follow me at either of those places then enjoy. And also, *sad face* – I want you to follow me everywhere!  

This one's a collage of some of my faves..



Pine nutsPine nuts!


PopcornAnd also, popcorn. It's art!


008Sleeping baby in low light

Sleeping baby in low light again

048 Half-asleep baby breastfeeding in low light

Baby Girl Oh, look! Baby is awake….but light is still shitful….

Baby asleep again….but observe the great lighting!


Feet selfies

SelfiesBaby Selfies – with bonus low light!


And to conclude, perhaps my ultra-most-favourite-ever Instagram pic…



Are you on Instagram, too?

If so, this will make you laugh….



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  1. mammajoy

    Low-light pictures of a breastfeeding baby DOES seem to be your speciality! But with boob’s like your’s and a cute baby like your’s TOTES okay! Love your instagram feed! xo


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