The Little Daily: Bloom To Die

by | Oct 5, 2012 | Little Daily, Little Nothings | 1 comment

TLD 5.10

I know why they do it.

It's an adorable little project and the child gets to marvel at how, from a tiny seed, a plant will grow. It's green and it's important and I get it.

But now what?

This is a broad bean plant, people. Broad bean.

And me, a legume fan from way back, must admit to finding the broad bean even a little too broad for my tastes.


I'm not saying it's one of the big issues. I'm not, you know, awake nights thinking about it.

But still. What becomes of the broad bean seedling that no-one wants?

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  1. Madeleine

    There has to be broad been heaven somewhere – if the number of school-inititated dead seedlings I’ve had to deal with recently are anything to go by…


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