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Last week on The Little Mumma Facebook page;

Just happened across a fast food chain's FB page (I was thinking about the dirty bird for dinner – forgive me!) and oh my sweet lord, if that wasn't some hysterical reading right there. Thanks for the laughs 'typical KFC customer'….enjoy a sample below:

 ‎"So ordered the five stars box tonight and when my boyfriend went to eat it he was highly shocked to see no burger; why have an add saying there is a burger when there isn't. False advertisement is terrible!!!"


Oh man, the emotive language disgruntled customers used to convey their disappointment and rage at an underwhelming fast food meal! It was highly entertaining.

That very evening, I did indeed get take away chicken for dinner (although not from KFC). 

What happened next should not have surprised me. I call it instant karma.

Just minutes earlier, I had been wondering, publicly and with no small amount of ridicule, what kind of person went to the trouble of complaining on a fast food Facebook page. 

And then, in the pack of four corn cobs, I received a big old serving of irony.


The Little Daily 24.8

The Little Daily 24.8 (2)


 What kind of mischief is this? What runt of the litter? 

Surely this nubbin of disappointment can not be passed off as a legitimate corn cob serve?

I'll be honest – I was highly shocked and very disappointed to discover this short-changing.

But not enough to vent my spleen on Facebook.

That's what a blog is for…….


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  1. melbo

    See, you can go to the Facebook page and vent but you just have to know how to word it.

    Text speak, a bit of incoherence and some sort of threat or demand is usually the best way to go. For the threat, think either a demand for goods or services or vague hints about going viral with your bitchkrieg.

    Please see example below (by the way, I know you didn’t get the corn from the Dirty Bird but I’m just being illustrative with my acronyms).

    “OMG KFC WTF???????? Srsly my corn had no colonels (geddit?) and WTF and OMG that is false advertisement but if you could send me a few coupons I could be persuaded to forget the whole thing”.


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