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by | Jul 10, 2012 | Little Daily, Little Zig | 2 comments

The Little Daily 10.07
So I've transferred a whole bunch of photos from Bren's phone to my computer, and apart from discovering just how brilliant he is at capturing a blurry photo, I have also uncovered some absolute gems.

This? Is Ziggy aka Yo-bot. He has his hands stuffed in yoghurt pots and the spoon, well, it's obviously some kind of robot-y accessory. Whatever. The imagination is superb. Top marks.

BUT, while the yoghurt pots may be empty, they are certainly not clean. Sticking little hands in yoghurt pots that still have yoghurt in them is a messy business. Me, I would have given Zig's imagination due props and then discouraged future Yo-bot activities. Or washed and dried the pots and returned them for some good, clean fun!

But Daddy decided it was an hilarious business and took photos. Which is a sure-fast way to lock in a behaviour. Poor Yo-bot was crestfallen when his second (and third and fourth) appearance was met with shrieks of "Oh, god, Ziggy, not again! Now you've got yoghurt everywhere!" 

I hate being the joy-kill, the fun police. But in my defense, Yo-bot normally makes an appearance around 7:30am when my sweet has yet to kick in for the day. Sometimes it's just too damn early for humour…. 


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  1. MJ

    He and P are soul mates, I swear. This is JUST the sort of thing she does, too. And I am just the sort of person to get anxious about imminent yoghurt on the carpet, and shriek about it. I am such a killjoy.

  2. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    You have to admire the imagination. Those are totally robot hands, right? So cool. But so yoghurty. Which is not cool.


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