The Little Daily: Spring In The Step

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I want to take you back to August last year. Winter seemed to give way to spring a little earlier than usual.

So the boys and I headed into the garden to capture the emerging season. We'd only been at this place a few short months and the back yard was a revelation of budding surprises – it was kind of gorgeous. Clearly, the woman who had established this garden all those decades ago had been a green thumb.

Roses and camellias, an unidentified fruit tree, lavender and even, we later discovered while weeding, a tomato bush or two. And, of course, daisies in the grass.

I caught the top image just in time. Nature appreciation with small boys? Not so much.

But a squashed daisy was the least of my worries this day. Later, while setting up the perfect composition for a photo of what may very well have been a weed such is my extensive horticultural knowledge, there was an incident involving a road and an 18-month-old shouting, "Weeeeeeeeeeeee!" as he ran across it

We have yet to revisit nature appreciation photography sessions…..


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