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by | Jul 16, 2012 | Little Daily, Little Nothings | 6 comments

Finding toys in unexpected places is par for the parenting course.

Bren, for instance, is always finding toys with his size 12 feet, as he boots them across the room, normally just as the children have finally gone to sleep, and invariably, the noisiest toy the children own.

Most of the time, the discovery is annoying. Really, can we not keep the toys confined to one general area, people? Must there be child detritus everywhere?

So to recap. Toys. Everywhere. Annoying. And Bren has feet like Ronald McDonald.


Recently, I made a toy discovery that, frankly, unnerved me.

Monkey 1


Bren's bedside table. Sparse, no? It did have a lamp but Ziggy broke it. Twice. The framed photo belongs. The plastic monkey does not.

I was dressing in our bedroom when I spied him sitting there. Exactly like that. Just…staring.


Monkey 2


If he heard me enter the room, he gave no sign.

He. did. not. move.


Monkey 3


Never trust a monkey.


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  1. Shayne

    Bwahaha! Hilarious. Monkeys are shifty.

    With my growing belly I am ever tripping on DS toys, the ones he manages to creep out of the toy room over the course of a day – drives me crazy!

  2. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    We have a toy room, too. What do kids have against a toy room? A room dedicated just to them and their shit? Jeeebus!

  3. Belle

    Te heeee!!!


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