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Granma aka That Old Man
Here she is. Granma. Holding the granddaughter we were both a touch nervous would be an unfulfilled dream.

But here she is. And there they are; my mother and my daughter.

Yesterday she came to visit and somehow the conversation turned to things she may not be around for. It occurred to us both that it was highly unlikely that she would live to see my kids get married (if they choose to do so). And that felt weird. It felt wrong. Really wrong.

But in saying that, I have told my mother if she loses her mind I will throw her in a nursing home quick as look at her.

She understands this is the best thing for me everyone.

But Granma is here, now, and for this, we are all grateful. Because she is an awesome grandmother and the best mother I have ever had (technically, I have two).

We celebrate having Granma around by showering her with love and compliments.

For instance, yesterday Luca said, "Granma, why are you so greedy?"

I said, "Luca! What do you mean? Who said Granma was greedy?"

And Luca said, "You did."

And that was the point where my face went bright red and I started stammering. I had NO recollection of saying this at all.

"Luca!" I scolded, "I did not say that. When did I say that?" 

And Luca said, "You did say it, Mumma! You said Granma was greedy because she has too much sugar."

This was the moment I stopped protesting.

All the while, Granma is sitting back, watching this conversation, and me squirming, with an expression nothing short of gleeful.

"Now, Luca," I said firmly, "I did say Granma has too many sugars in her coffee (four, people, she has FOUR SUGARS!) but I never said she was greedy." 

Did I?

But, you know, Luca is one to talk. Last week as he and Granma sat in the car waiting for me at the butcher's, Luca pointed to a person walking by and said,

"Look, Granma! There's an old man just like you!"

And then there was the time she came to visit on her way to the dentist to fix a broken tooth. A front tooth, too. Clean snapped half off eating a licorice allsort (Greedy Granma strikes again).

Now whenever the children refuse to brush their teeth, we say, "You don't want to end up with teeth like Granma's, do you?"

Works like a charm.

But enough of that. Let's return to the image above. A beautiful photo of Harlow meeting her grandmother for the very first time. 

Look again;

Photo Bombed


The work of Luca. Naturally. That kid loves to mess with me.


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  1. Belle

    Ba ha ha, that is so a hand dinosaur!!! Granma is pretty awesome, always has been 🙂

  2. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Totally a hand dinosaur! Totally on purpose.

    And yeah, she is. And always has been. You’re right. xxx

  3. Katie

    Oooh I use that threat to get my kids to clean their teeth too! Except ours is, “You don’t want your teeth to fall out like Poppy’s do you?”…I don’t feel so guilty now!


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