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Kinder Daze 1

Kinder Daze 2

Kinder Daze

Here's Luca on his first day of kindergarten (also known as 4-year-old preschool).

Because I was totally writing a back to school post. It was a momentous occasion for our eldest boy – a year of playing and learning before he is off to real, actual legit school.

How could he possibly be getting old enough for that?

The plan was that as I waxed lyrical about this exciting milestone, I would neatly tie in a review of some Smash products I was sent and have a little giveaway while I was at it so that one lovely reader would have some shiny new bits and pieces for the school year ahead.

I was totally going to write this post… February.

Hello, end of July!

I think the moral of the story is that three children is far too many and if you plan on being pregnant while running a household with two existing children then you should commit to doing this many things to a deadline: ZERO.

And also, hey PR peeps! Check out my new tag –

The Little Mumma: stellar product promotion – some time in the year your product launches!

So. Yep. Embarrassing.

Or is it? We're half way through the year and there's every chance your kid has lost or destroyed their lunchbox by now soooooooo……….GIVEAWAY TIME! Is this actually genius on my part?

Let me first tell you about this crazy contraption:


[Photo Source]

This? Is called a Banana Mover. And it's radical because;

  • bananas take up too much room in regular lunchboxes
  • bananas that free float in school bags are a recipe for squashed disaster
  • I would rather change a dirty nappy than clean smooshy banana from the inside of a school bag
  • Banana Mover solves all my banana moving woes!

The design of the Banana Mover means it caters to all bananas, big and small and with varying degrees of bend – and if that isn't a sentence that needs to be perverted, then I don't know what is.

Banana Mover is part of Smash's Nude Food Movers range which aims to eliminate the need for cling wrap or seal bags wherever possible. What with my unease at landfill, you can imagine how this floats my boat. All Smash products are BPA-free, too, and that's equally great because I am totally pro-anti-carcinogens. What? You know what I mean.

So. In this breath-takingly late (or super early for 2013 – genius!) Back To School extravaganza, let's go win you something!

Given my arse-about approach to this whole thing, it should surprise you not a bit to learn that I'm not giving away the thing I actually reviewed. Because I used it in order to review it. I mean, sure, I could send you my used Banana Mover but Luca really likes it and has often asked for his banana to be served IN the Banana Mover when we are at home. If the banana is just being moved from the kitchen to the kitchen table? It doesn't actually require a specially designed mover to get it there. But try telling that to an always-right preschooler. Annoying.

So, no Banana Mover for you. But see below – other stuff!

  Smash WIN ME!

Crayola WIN ME!

 Just in case you found this photography subtle, let me break it down for you.


  • a blue lunch box and drink bottle combo by Smash
  • a pink Muffin Mover by Smash Nude Food Movers

and as a little bonus, I've thrown in

  • a bag of goodies from Crayola

To win, simply comment below telling me how motherhood has affected your time management skills.

Please note, the entry only counts if you leave your answer here on the blog, NOT on the Facebook page. Trust me, commenting here is not so hard – just pop in your name and email and you're good to go. It's fun, I promise….


Entries close Sunday 29th July at midnight EST. I'll draw a random winner on Monday 30th July.

Competition open to Australian residents only.  

Good luck!

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  1. Amethyst

    Time management skills…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… but seriously; No.

  2. Karen

    I still manage to be on time which I am proud of but things at home have lapsed – I always think there will be more time to clean/wash/dust but will there ever be another moment to make this memory.

  3. Tracy Williams

    I have forgotten it takes time to get places and not everywhere is ” up the road” damn it! ALWAYS LATE!

  4. FuriousKingston

    Pre kids: I used to always be late for everything because really all I cared about was how dashing I looked. So lots of trying on outfits and doing several hairstyles plus make up. And which shoes??? Oh and what bag goes with this outfit? Whats the address again?
    Post kids: kids are dressed? check. I am not naked? Check. Ok let’s go, I’ll do my sad excuse for makeup in the car.

    Oh and Jim cooks and noone cleans.

  5. Anita Pender

    Some days I feel awesome having managed my time, children and jobs well, other days I wonder how a whole day has passed with me achieving nothing! But I guess as my baby gets older and more settled I am finding my time management is returning, I find lists a must and I love being able to cross jobs off that list!

  6. Dani

    I have to be honest I laugh everytime I hear of people being disorganised and how motherhood has made them less organised, and always hear late for this, late for that. Me…I am still always on time (Usually very early- like 1/2 hour early) even now when I live in the sticks, its almost 1 hour early coz I havent adjusted from city living. It’s always been like this even when she was a baby. I love being organised, I have to be otherwise I would never get anything done, and would never complete my assignments 😉

  7. Suz

    For me time management means getting up earlier (urgh!) and letting the standard of housework slip. But we’re still forever running late which I hate!

  8. Rachael Van De Straat

    Motherhood has affected my time management skills a great deal .. I used to to be on time for everything before I had my girls , now I find getting out the door on time with everything I need is a challenge, and arriving at my appointments a nightmare lol… But hey its a work in progress Hmmm who am I kidding lol xxx


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