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Gravy Review

It must have been fate because just the day before Love Gravy's email arrived telling me about The Fullmoon, I had been browsing DJs for a new nappy change mat. Finding nothing I really liked, I went home empty-handed and empty-hearted.

Ha! I kid, I kid. Fear not dear readers, my little heart is still jam-packed, full to the brim, but I was in a genuine spot of bother regarding what to do about nappy changes on the go. For each pregnancy, I have treated myself to a new nappy bag but this time, I've been struggling to justify it. Because the handbag I am currently using? Is HUGE. There is room for all the nappy changing stuff AND the baby. Possibly also the two year old. It's seriously big. And I really like it because it's NOT a nappy bag.

So. What to do? Surely I just needed a change mat to go in the enormous bag? Nappies and wipes could just be chucked in like an afterthought.

Harlow is 9 weeks old and I have been operating without a change mat of any description and as you may have guessed, the 'nappies and wipes thrown in' scenario amounts to total chaos. I can never find what I need in that huge bag. Extra chaos at nappy change time? Not cool.

So the timing of the Gravy Bags email? Impeccable.

Enter Baby Change Station, The Fullmoon.

Gravy Review 1


This bag is seriously nifty. It's totally cute but not embarrassingly so. I personally had no issue making Bren carry my first nappy bag which was a charming floral but I know some daddies cling fiercely to their masculinity and for them, The Fullmoon is perfectly gender neutral. Black and cerise, people, black and cerise, which is totally not pink. 


Gravy Review 2

A small bag, you might be thinking. And you'd be right. It is totally small – it certainly takes up very little room in my enormous handbag. But it's a stand alone unit with handle that can be thrown in the car or in the pram basket. Made from tough and easy to clean polyester, The Fullmoon measures W265mm x H155mm x D120mm but check out what's inside.


Gravy Review 3

Yep, that's four nappies, a travel pack of wipes, a travel pack of waste bags and room for cream or powder, too. AND the change mat – made from machine-washable neoprene (think the material they use in wetsuits…or stubby holders).  The mat magnetically attaches to the bag so that everything is within reach – and it's designed to be a one-handed grab which is important because babies are so roll-y, fall off table-y when they have no pants on, don't you find?

My only quibble with the whole set-up is that possibly the mat is a titch small and in the event of a super nappy blow-out kind of change, it might get dirty and require a machine-wash whereas the PVC models can be wiped clean on the spot. As I said, a small quibble, and given the mat size and material are what ensures the compact nature of The Fullmoon, easy to forgive. 

Genuinely, I am a fan of this little bag and it's exactly what I didn't know I was looking for -  a complete baby change station that's compact and functional. But what sold me even before The Fullmoon arrived in the mail (never thought I'd type those words in a sentence) was the clever little demo video Love Gravy made. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the hands shown in the video belong to a man – and frankly, seeing a man handle baby changing gear with such expertise is worth watching…and then there's the jaunty little tune that accompanies the action. 




Priced at $74.95 (or order one fully stocked with nappies, wipes, bags and powder for $84.95), you can pick up The Fullmoon by visiting the Gravy website.

But wait, there's more!

Love Gravy and I put our heads together and decided to give one lucky reader the chance to win The Fullmoon for their very selves! Winning means free! Hurrah!

How To Enter:

Leave a comment here on the blog answering this simple question: Does The Fullmoon come with a warranty and if so, for how long? (Visit the website for the answer!)

For a bonus entry (only counted when you complete the first step), head to Facebook and 'Like' the Gravy Bags page


So go on and enter because I absolutely want you to win. Yes, you! You know you're my favourite…


Gravy Review 4

 4 y.o. not included in prize…or is he?

Entries close midnight EST on Saturday 30th June, 2012. The randomly chosen winner will be drawn Monday 2nd July, 2012.

Competition open to Australian residents only.

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  1. Karen B

    The GravyBag comes with a 12 month warranty. Pick me, Pick me!

  2. Brooke

    Yes, the Fullmoon gravybag comes with a 12 month warranty! I liked them on facebook too…..xoxox

  3. Jamie

    The Fullmoon gravybag comes with a 12 month warranty!

  4. Megan Blandford

    Oh my LORD! I’ve been searching and searching and searching (etc.) for a new nappy bag. I always hated my first one (nappy bag, that is, not child!) because it was so bulky and awkward – but still didn’t hold much more than this one will.


    So – 12 month warranty (bonus!). And I’ve ‘liked’ their page 🙂

  5. melbo

    Just commenting, not entering but I had to say “What a fab bag!” Lucky, lucky winner whoever it will be.

  6. Hannah

    Hi Angie – the Fullmoon comes with a 12 month warranty. I hope you pick me so I can have the joy of seeing bub’s Daddy using the nappy-manbag! Thanks!

  7. Angela

    Yes, 12 month warranty. LOVE your blog.

  8. mama mogantosh

    Oh, I’m in for this one. So need it! 12 month warranty. x

  9. Shayne

    Woot! This baby will come in very handy for baby #2 who is due in late September 🙂

    The Gravybag Fullmoon comes with a 12 month warranty – nice!

  10. Shayne

    Oh, have liked the Gravy Bags page on FB too 😉

  11. Sharon Fawcett

    Yep it comes with a 12 month warranty and they offer a repair service too! Amazing!!!! Its great to see a business who believes in their own products. I’ve given them a like on facebook too.

  12. Jacqui

    Omg I need one of these! And you have to show us your bag – I’m sure I’m not the only one who reads your blog with a bag fetish…

  13. Jacqui

    Oh yeah it has a 12 month warranty

  14. trixylala

    The Fullmoon gravybag comes with a 12 month warranty! And is man friendly too. BONUS!
    I’m having my first and need all the help I can get!!

  15. Rachael Van De Straat

    Yes the Gravybag comes with 12mth warranty… LOVE, Love love

  16. Crystal Jones

    All bags come with a 12 month warranty 🙂

    Have also liked their facebook page 🙂

  17. Trudy

    12 months warranty. That is such an awesome bag.

  18. Saekae

    Yes 12 months warranty

    Like Gravy Facebook page

    Karen Edwards

    saekae at bigpond dot net dot au

  19. Anita Pender

    The gravy bag comes with a twelve month warranty.


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